Trudeaus way or the highway

Trudeau’s way or the highway!

Well, that’s it.

Here we are.

At the heart of the problem.

Done tattoo.

We’re talking real business here.


I’m talking about Justin Trudeau’s recent statement on Quebec’s and Ontario’s use of the regardless clause — also known as the “no-objection clause.”

For the Prime Minister, this recourse to this provision – which, it should be remembered, is not only written at the heart of Canada’s 1982 Constitution but was one of the essential conditions for its adoption by the provinces – is a frontal assault on the right and liberties of Canadian citizens.

“Regardless of the clause, what it allows when a provincial government uses it is to override the basic rights of citizens like freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, because we want to pass a bill that violates those basic rights,” he said during an interview, which took place at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.

“The idea of ​​a charter of rights and freedoms is to protect us from the tyranny of the majority. We trivialize the suspension of fundamental rights…”

Officially, Justin Trudeau is targeting Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who used the exemption clause to prevent education workers in his province from exercising their right to strike.

But no one is fooled.

Justin plays billiards. He hits the Ontario ball to better pocket the Quebec ball.

This is the “ricochet” technique.

Aimed at the 7, pocketed the 9.


Justin Trudeau said he was willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to “make better” use of the regardless clause.

For François Legault, who used the pejorative clause to pass Laws 21 and 96 on the secularism of the state and the protection of the French, Justin Trudeau’s statement is a “frontal attack on the ability of the nation of Quebec to protect its collective rights.

The premier of Quebec seems overwhelmed.

We want to tell him, “But this is Canada, Mr. Legault!” Come to town! What did you think you were doing? That the federal government would have no hesitation in accepting the passage of Laws 21 and 96? That he wouldn’t answer? That he wouldn’t try to invalidate her?

“But what planet do you live on? These laws are against Canadian DNA! Of all the values ​​Justin Trudeau defends! What did you think Justin and the Canadian elite would congratulate you on? »

The quiz question is now how Mr. Legault will react.

Will he just stamp his feet? grumbling? Get the chopsticks going and take his hole like Bourassa did the day after Meech died?

Or will he draw the necessary conclusions? Namely that Quebec has as much space in Canada as a bacon producer at a vegan food festival?


Here we are, friends.

At the heart of the problem.

There is no third way. It’s “Trudeau’s Way or the Highway!” »

Which way will we choose?

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