1667445956 Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger.

Lisa and Martin are focused every minute on becoming a Category 1 hurricane, Lisa a few hours after touchdown, in Belize all the alarms are already primed and activated while Martin charges his rage as he slogs through the ocean.

The United States National Hurricane Center says: Lisa recorded maximum sustained winds of 75 mph this morning with the center of the storm being 10 miles southeast of Belize City and moving west at 15 mph, Lisa will land in a few hours it will traverse northern Guatemala, moving into southeastern Mexico on Thursday, Lisa will reach about 80 mph, about 130 km/h, with higher wind gusts forecast additional strengthening as Lisa approaches Belize, spreading Gale force winds up to 10 miles from center.

Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

After passing Mexican territory, it returns to the waters of the Gulf and resumes its passage to enter the continent through Villa Hermosa (Mexico), a rather complicated system, it should be noted that Lisa’s predictions come true perfectly despite the fact that the predictions during the first hours of the hurricane’s life were vastly different and quite alien to the currently recorded data.

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The first predictions to Lisa said that the first point of impact would be Puerto Rico, it would move further and that later the point of impact would be the Dominican Republic, then it would move to Cuba and later to Miami. So the system gradually moved until it reached a point very close to Jamaica, it became a Caribbean tropical storm (October 31), and today, November 2, its morning update became Lisa qualified as a category 1 hurricane, it has winds of more than 100 km / h, with a minimum central pressure of 988, several islands corresponding to Honduras are under climatic impact and active alerts despite the calm registered.

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“Lisa” is not the only system that has become a hurricane, we also have “Martin” which is currently a tropical storm with similar characteristics that is also on the verge of becoming a hurricane in the North Atlantic, also with quite strange behavior Category 1. Martin has winds of 100 km/h but only 184 km from where it is now it will become a Category 1 hurricane, at the moment these records are not worrying, which in general is really worrying changing how these sudden new weather systems form.

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

At the height of the year we are in, Lisa and Martin would not be possible as the water temperature is not conducive to hurricane formation, but with climate change and the La Niña phenomenon, the existence of these giants has been possible to manufacture.

It is estimated that Martin will travel about 1000 miles at sea where it will become a Category 1 hurricane, then become a tropical or subtropical depression, setting its course very close to Greenland, then become North turn the United Kingdom, unimaginable areas that could form this kind of phenomena that are born in the tropics, really something very disproportionate where the reality in climatic matters is evident.

The main meteorological centers around the world claim that it is necessary to be on guard and to wait for the formation of hurricanes, even until the month of December, a phenomenon that will gradually become part of the new climate that will usually occur in the future will occur.

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Storm Martin will also become a hurricane in the North Atlantic

It is the first time in twenty years that there have been two simultaneous hurricanes (Lisa and Martin) in the Atlantic basin in the month of November.

1667445945 348 Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

Two incredible Atlantic hurricanes in early November: Lisa and Martin

Two hurricanes could hit the Atlantic on November 2-3, 2022: Lisa near Belize and southern Mexico, and Martin in subtropical areas

Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

Lisa and Martin reach hurricane strength within hours

It is the first time since 2001 that two active hurricanes will hit the Atlantic basin simultaneously in November.

1667445950 48 Tropical Storms Lisa and Martin are getting stronger

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