Tripadvisor Lies in Recognizing Cuba as a ‘Fashion Destination’

Tripadvisor Lies in Recognizing Cuba as a ‘Fashion Destination’

Days after the New York Times touted Cuba as a travel destination, the Tripadvisor platform surprises even ordinary Cubans.

On January 13, 2023, the American newspaper included Cuba in a list of 52 places to visit this year.

Travelers will have the opportunity to find “sea-sprayed pastel-colored facades, white-sand beaches and tobacco-rich valleys,” according to a statement from the state-owned Prensa Latina.

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Cuban journalist Monica Baró responded to this announcement from her personal account on the social network Twitter, using the hashtag #NoViajesACuba.

“Thank you again @nytimes for promoting the country I had to flee to pursue journalism as a tourist haven,” the author tweeted.

“The same Interior Ministry that has repressed me and is holding more than a thousand political prisoners in prison shared your publication. Bravo!” he ironized.

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Reactions like this have erupted both inside and outside the island, where misery and resentment are unstoppable and young people stand in long queues to get a passport that will allow them to flee.

The natural beauties, gastronomy and culture proclaimed by The New York Times are not part of the daily life of Cubans, subjected to the oldest dictatorship in the hemisphere.

What are these “charming streets” through which tripadvisor Recommend hiking?

This Friday, Castro spokesmen and media linked to the Cuban anti-government never tired of repeating the news that Tripadvisor recognizes Cuba as one of the “fashion destinations”.

PL published a note assuring that this orientation platform recommends travelers to “wander the charming streets of Old Havana.”

They don’t know that in these streets there is only violence, muggings, robberies and murders of women. In these streets there are only snakes, led by emaciated and hungry people.

Cuba is now experiencing an unprecedented level of migration, it is a country on the run and as many as a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or an elderly person around the age of 90 have left.

What’s the charm of a country falling apart and building hotels while its children are crushed to death in avoidable landslides?

What’s the appeal of a failed state imprisoning those who make a statement, post a meme, or take to the streets with a protest poster?

Something strange is happening with these platforms and these newspapers that not only ignore the harsh and raw reality Cubans live in, but also recognize a totalitarian and oppressive regime.

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These announcements and newspaper headlines align with the gestures and approaches of the Democratic government of Joe Biden and the talks at the highest levels.


Is it perhaps an attempt to soften or make more flexible measures taken by former President Donald Trump to allow Americans to visit the island prison?


Is this all part of the change scam we have been denouncing from our platform Cubans around the world?


Cuba is not, to paraphrase a well-known song: “Botella’e rum, cigar tobacco, girls everywhere, bonche at home e’guano”, Cuba is a pressure cooker from which everyone wants to get out and nobody wants to get in.

But the New York Times and TripAdvisor, Ana Hurtado and Melani Olivares, Carlos Lazo and Manolo de los Santos are not ready for this conversation.

Cubans around the world write