Trindade Agrees With Toffoli’s Speech That Institutional Coup Would Be Economic Suicide: ‘Who Would Say’

Trindade Agrees With Toffoli’s Speech That Institutional Coup Would Be Economic Suicide: ‘Who Would Say’

Commentators of the program Os Pingos Nos Is analyzed the statements of some of the big businessmen who debated the future of the country in case of exPresident Lula’s victory in the elections

Felipe Sampaio/SCO/STFMinister days toffoli
Dias Toffoli said that an attempted coup would lead to economic suicide.

Minister Dias Toffoli, from the Federal Court of Justice (STF) said this Friday, 19 that the businessmen defending a possible coup d’état in case of victory of the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) in the presidential election could be configured as an attack on democracy. Without naming the group, the judge argued that such an attitude would be “economic suicide.” “In relation to the actions of these businessmen, attacking democracy is a crime, it is a crime in our country as it is United States and in Europe. In democratic countries, attacking the democratic rule of law is a crime. I’m talking about the theory, not the actual case. Investors will leave, it will create unemployment in our country, it will create capital outflows, it will make our capitalists send money abroad because there will be a brutal devaluation of our currency. This is madness,” he argued.

during the program The pings of the Isare boy panthe commentator Jose Maria Trindade believed that the magistrate was correct in stating that an attempt at democratic rupture would lead to economic suicide. “Nothing is more cowardly than capital. If he senses there is any sign of danger, he will run away and flee the situation,” he warned. The analyst also argued that only with a democracy would it be possible to offer entrepreneurs an open economy and legal certainty for investments to be made, but believed there was an “uphill battle” that would shape the country’s future in the years to come will determine. “In a dictatorship there is no market freedom because the state is strong and interferes. And there is no legal certainty because the dictator changes when he wants laws and trends in legislation,” he said.

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