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Travis Kelce could make $10 million thanks to the “Taylor Swift Effect.”

There “ Swiftmania » What’s happening in the NFL right now could pay off for Travis Kelce. In fact, rumors that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is dating popular singer Taylor Swift could net him $10 million in off-field earnings.

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“Kelce would make about $5 million a year off the field,” Bob Dorfman, creative director of marketing at advertising agency Pinnacle, told Insider. I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to double that amount this year. »

“Travis Kelce was already one of football’s most popular fans before he dated Taylor Swift. Now he is at the center of discussions. It captures the attention of a whole new audience,” he explains.

In fact, the Swifties faithful, who are eagerly waiting for the singer to confirm her relationship with the two-time Super Bowl champion, have a close relationship with their idol. They are also very numerous.

Since Taylor Swift’s performance at the Kansas City Chiefs-Chicago Bears game, sales of Travis Kelce merchandise have skyrocketed by 400%, catapulting his jersey into the top five best-selling jerseys in the NFL. Some NFL stars have managed to earn millions of dollars thanks to these products.

Travis Kelce could make $10 million thanks to the “Taylor Swift Effect.”

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Also note that 300,000 people are subscribed to the athlete’s various social media platforms, which could motivate brands to collaborate with him.

A single sponsored post on Travis Kelce’s Instagram page, which has 3.5 million followers, could earn him $500,000, according to USA Today.

Additionally, “New Heights,” the podcast hosted by Taylor Swift’s beau and her brother Jason, rose to the No. 1 most-listened show on Apple Podcasts and No. 2 on Spotify. This trend could attract the attention of several advertisers. Additionally, the podcast’s YouTube page has 1.13 million subscribers, allowing the Kelce brothers to generate tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which began March 17, 2023 and ends November 23, 2024, is on track to gross $1 billion, which would make it the highest-grossing tour in history .

According to the New York Post