Traumatized by the death of their mother, Lisa Marie Presley’s twin daughters make an important decision

Traumatized by the death of their mother, Lisa Marie Presley’s twin daughters make an important decision

THE Death of Lisa Marie Presley traumatized the singer’s twin daughters, Finley and 14yearold Harper. The teens are the result of Lisa Marie’s 10year marriage to musician Michael Lockwood, who shares custody of the girls with her sister, maternal grandmother and the artist’s other exhusband, Danny Keough, father of Riley, another daughter. Lisa, 33 years old, has to deny.

According to the TMZ website, Finley and Harper’s trauma happened to the teens’ mother, who was feeling ill at the home where she lived with her youngest daughters and Danny in Calabasas, California. The only daughter of Elvis Presley (19351977) and Priscilla Presley was rescued, taken to hospital but could not resist and died at the age of 54 last Thursday (12).

The death of mother Lisa Marie brought the singer’s daughters closer together

Lisa Marie, a musician’s halfsister, son of Priscilla with a Brazilian, had three daughters twins Finley and Harper and model Riley and a son, Benjamin, who was found dead in 2020 at the age of 27. Now, Finley and Harper have already hinted they don’t want to go back to their mother’s house, publicly last time they clicked at the traditional Golden Globes ceremony on the 10th.

The teenagers are currently living with their maternal grandmother, Priscilla, and have had a visit from their older sister, Riley. The death of Lisa Marie Presley has brought the three daughters, who support each other, closer together.

Lisa Marie had four marriages. Recording!

Lisa Marie Presley was born on the first day of February 1968. At the age of 4 she witnessed the separation of her parents. Three years later he faced the untimely death of Elvis, the “King of Rock”, and moved in with his mother. The singer only released her first album in 2003, and the last of her career was to come in 2012.

Elvis and Priscilla’s daughter has had four marriages. The first was with Danny, the father of her eldest children. Then he swapped rings with Michael Jackson. Then she was married to Nicolas Cage. The last husband was Michael Lockwood, father of her twins. They split in 2016.