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Trans boy signs up for Miss Italia: I was born female as required by Mirigliani regulation

Activist Federico Barbarossa has signed up for the Miss Italy pageant after Patrizia Mirigliani declared: “The regulation says that you have to be a woman by birth to participate.” He hopes others will follow his example “to ridicule these timeless positions”.

Left Patrizia Mirigliani, right Federico Barbarossa

Left Patrizia Mirigliani, right Federico Barbarossa

Patricia Mirigliani was clear about the competition Miss Italy: “It is written in the regulations that you have to be a woman by birth in order to be able to participate. I’m not changing it in the race with girls who are already in the competition, I’ve broken with this politically correct regulation, so you have to adapt in two days. Please respect my free and non-politicized thinking.” And then the young Federico Barbarossa, trans boy and activist of the Bari-based association Mixed LGBTQIA+, has decided To for the contest: “I was born a woman”.

A trans boy’s gesture: “Miss Italy? positions outside of time”

In some statements published on the Mixed, Independent Movement X Equal Rights Instagram page, Federico Barbarossa explained that he was born a woman. Since Patrizia Mirigliani stated that to enter the well-known beauty pageant you have to be “a woman by birth”, she decided To:

When I heard about the absurd regulation, it was a matter of course for me! I was assigned a female at birth, but I’ve always felt like a boy. We hope the gesture will generate the media outcry needed to bring these issues back into focus. And that many other “birthwives” are signing up en masse for the competition to poke fun at those positions outside of Italian law.

Other trans children follow his example

Federico Barbarossa published the email confirming his registration for the contest: “Hello Federica Barbarossa, we confirm that your request to participate in the Miss Italia contest has been registered. You will be contacted shortly by the regional contact person in your area. Thank you, the Miss Italia staff.” After him, other trans boys and thus biologically born women follow his example. Of course, they don’t find it easy to use the dead name (the name given at birth, linked to the sex they don’t recognize themselves as), but they do it because, as Federico explained, they want to use it to undermine positions that should be obsolete by now.

Patrizia Mirigliani: “If I had said yes to trans for Miss Italy, they would have criticized me”