Tragic accident A teenager dies after sticking her head out

Tragic accident: A teenager dies after sticking her head out of the bus window

A 13-year-old Brazilian woman who reportedly stuck her head out of a bus window to greet friends at the end of her school day is reported to have tragically lost her life last week after violently colliding with a pole.

“The Secretary of State for Education deeply regrets the accident that happened to a student at the State College, Professor Carlos Côrtes […] Wednesday during his return journey. An official two-day mourning has been ordered at the college, which is in shock,” the Secretary of State for Education reportedly said last Thursday, according to Brazilian local media G1.

Last Wednesday, 13-year-old Fernanda Pacheco Ferraz was leaving her middle school in Nova Friburgo, near Rio de Janeiro, when she reportedly stuck her head out to greet her classmates from a window at the far end of the bus on the left. various media reported.

At the same time, the bus driver is said to have tried to avoid cars parked on the right side of the narrow street. At that time, the young girl is said to have hit her head violently against a post on the side of the road.

When help arrived on site, alerted by the driver, the teenager had already succumbed to her injuries.

For its part, the bus company promised to help with the investigation and said it regretted “this unexpected and tragic incident,” according to the New York Post.