Tragedy Lorella Cuccarini after discovering the disease she lives without

Tragedy Lorella Cuccarini, after discovering the disease she lives without: what was removed from her SoloCine SoloCine

Showgirl Lorella Cuccarini underwent surgery to recover from an illness: it was removed from her.

Do you know the famous one? Lorella Cucarini Did you have an illness that made you need surgery? Today she is fine and fully healed but for now lives without an organ small but very important.

lorella.cuccarini.solocine1Lorella Cuccarini –

The presenter returned to television a few days ago, on Canale 5, where she will also work this year as a dance teacher at the school friends. The selection of the new students has recently started, but the first dramas and the first quarrels with colleagues have already broken out Alexandra Celentanovery rigid and strict classical dance teacher.

The showgirl has been working in the entertainment world since she was young when she was discovered by in the 80’s Pippo Baudo, historical figure of Italian television as well as a great talent scout. It was around this time that he began singing and dancing in front of cameras, always at odds with his then-rival Heide ParisiDancer with more traditional training.

Today she is undoubtedly one of the most famous women in the world of television and you can think that her life has always been perfect. In fact, he had one a while ago illness and had to operate. Today he lives without a very important organ.

Lorella Cuccarini, the disease and the surgical procedure

In 2002, Lorella Cuccarini discovered that she had a serious illness, but she didn’t lose heart and decided to fight it. It was a thyroid cancerWhich led to…excision of the gland and a long convalescence. Healing wasn’t easy because without the thyroid gland to regulate hormone cycles, she went through several swings in weight, even notable ones.

The actress dropped during an interview where she told everything. As reported, she said she was cured, as well as thanks Carethanks also to ahealthier diet. “I got away with it thanks to targeted treatments. The food did no little to get me back on track. I found myself with determination. And the fixed view of the values ​​that matter, such as that of sociability, which was there, just had to be regained”.

lorella.cuccarini.solocine2Lorella Cuccarini –

He actually revealed that he has followed several in the past wrong dietswhat she regretted. “I’ve followed different diets over time and sometimes made mistakes. I remember hyperprotein in particular: it was fashionable at the time. If I went back, I would avoid it: it can be harmful, especially if it’s only meat based.”

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