Tragedy at Windsor she just ended up in a wheelchair

Tragedy at Windsor, she just ended up in a wheelchair: devastated issues

For the Windsor royals and their subjects themselves, what happened within the palace walls is devastating. You really need a wheelchair to get around.

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Unfortunately, it was to be expected that something like this could happen in Windsor sooner or later.

Tragedy at Windsor

The vicissitudes of the Windsor royal family inspire millions of people, not just in England but around the world. That’s why every little change, rumor or love story attracts all the attention.

This time, however, that’s what it’s all about rather sad news which, however, the subjects and members of Windsor had long expected. Precisely because she needed a wheelchair to walk, she had to cancel many appointments.

This also happened for the Platinum Jubilee. Her intention was not visible on the chair. The reason? keep his pride

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Just to be able to move, she would do some modernization work on the buildings she resides in to facilitate the movement of the chair.

She is in a wheelchair

After reaching the venerable age of 96 on April 26 and overcoming death and disease (he has apparently already contracted the Covid twice already), Queen Elizabeth sometimes needed a wheelchair to get around.

For the time being he has decided to only use it within the walls of Windsor and never see it in public. At events that require his presence, like the Platinum Jubilee, he prefers to use a walking stick. Moreover, even the Queen Mother rejected the wheelchair until the last days of her life.

However, what his sister Margareth did in the last years of her life. The photos of those moments, which date back to 2001, are reportedly viewed in utter horror by Queen Elizabeth. the latter he would no longer walk his beloved dogs as always, since it would be too fragile.

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Probably due to his stubbornness and the desire not to be seen, her participation in her husband’s funeral rites had been artfully concocted so no one could see her in a wheelchair. A kind of military plan that used blackboards and screens to prevent photographers from even taking a picture of the sovereign.