Tradie from Brisbane on a smoke break keeps her composure

Tradie from Brisbane, on a smoke break, keeps her composure as a brown snake slithers by

Hair-raising moment as a deadly brown snake from the east slithers past an unfazed Tradie taking a smoke break

  • The chilling photo shows a deadly snake under a worker’s legs
  • Ayla Manson saw the venomous snake but remained silent

A trader taking a break had close contact with one of the world’s deadliest snakes after it slipped under her legs.

Ayla Manson was taking a cigarette break from her job at Harrison’s Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher when an Eastern Brown Snake crawled by.

A colleague filmed the terrifying moment as the snake moved just below her legs.

Unfortunately, the stigma that snakes are aggressive or violent has taken over most people’s perception. This is a fantastic example of how they don’t want to hurt us and the only reason they attack is because they’re afraid of something significantly bigger than themselves. The bite is just to say hold back! You are an innocent animal that just wants to go about your day undisturbed

Posted by Harrison’s Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher on Friday February 3rd, 2023

The worker has nerves of steel as the deadly snake slithers around her legs (pictured)

Ms. Manson puffs on her cigarette and maintains her composure as the extremely venomous snake moves past her.

The snake had previously been trapped under a refrigerator at a Tamborine home and released into the bush.

The reptile then decided to explore and slithered back to the yard where Manson, 24, was sitting on the ground.

When she saw it, it was too late to jump away.

“We already knew that the snake’s personality was cold that day,” she told the Brisbane Times. “I knew in that moment that the safest thing to do was to remain still.”

“Had I panicked and stood up, it would have tried to fight back and I would have been in danger of being bitten.”

Ms Manson said she believes snakes – even deadly brown snakes – are not inherently aggressive and will only respond when humans frighten them.

The company’s co-owner said they shared the footage to raise awareness on how to handle the situation if they find themselves in a similar situation.

She said it's safer to stay still than to make sudden movements to startle the reptile

She said it’s safer to stay still than to make sudden movements to startle the reptile