Tour des Yoles 2022: Recap of the workforce ahead of the big start    RCI.FM

Tour des Yoles 2022: Recap of the workforce ahead of the big start RCI.FM

The Tour of Martinique by round boats departs this Sunday (July 31, 2022) from Vauclin. 14 teams are taking part in the most anticipated competition in Martinique.

Honor to the title holder. Led by Diany Rémi, the Yoleurs of Sara – Autodistribution (formerly Brasserie Lorraine) want to stick with the tour after their success in 2019. This season, the team of the Yole Net 2000 club from Marseille took second place in the championship and won the Martinique Cup this month.

The Skiff Sara/Self Distribution.

UFR/Chanflor, still favorites, are clearly aiming for victory in the 2022 Tour, while Félix Mérine wants to be on the tour list for the 11th time. During the season, the Robertins of Caracoli won the championship hands down.

On board the L’Arme Fatale, the Franciscans of Rosette/Orange are also striving for the title. A crew that has to do without their usual boss. Jacques Ako Amalir had to give up the tour because of back pain. It’s Kenny Exilie who will be at the top of the skull. The team, which is fifth in the championship this season, wants to do better at all costs.

With Vini Wè Sa we should see some great things this year. The Appaloosa/Vito/Ho Hio Hen Automobiles sponsored skiff made a strong impression throughout the championship. The men of Laurent Mas, son of Athon Mas, took third place. The Foyalais showed regularity. A quality necessary to win a round.

Inevitably, everyone will be keeping an eye on the twins’ duel. Loïc Mas is the other protagonist of this duel between brothers. The boss of William Saurin/Miltis also has his sights set on the trick. The Franciscans of Athon, fourth in the championship, are bound to be among the mapipis of this 36th edition that will end on their waters…

Thanks to their perseverance, the Lamentinois of Gommiers and Tradition have become pillars of the Skiff Tour. Inevitably, the black sail of the CTDM-EDF will join the battle at the head of the flotilla this year. Led by Mario Malfleury, they are aiming for at least a stage win and a top 5 overall. The Yoleurs du Lamentin finished 6th in the 2022 championship.

Jimmy Bellune and his men have no intention of falling behind in the rankings this year. The proof is that they finished 7th in the championship. Aiming for the middle of the ranking list is therefore not an impossible goal for Mr. Bricolage’s yoleurs. It’s up to the Robertins from Las Palmas to capitalize on their chance.

In Sainte-Anne we support Ay Douvan. Eighth in the championship, the Skiff Snack Elizé/Madina Cinéma has a card to play for places of honor. Marc-Emmanuel Florian will be at the helm to lead his men within the flotilla.

Did crossing the English Channel make Christophe Dédé’s men stronger? Anyway, the Robertins were talked about. Less energetic during the season, the GFA Caraïbes couriers finished ninth in the championship.

Unity is strength, as they say. It is undoubtedly this maxim that led the Vauclin associations of Baie des Mulets and Zizitata to unite under a single sail. A sail in the colors of Prixe and Banamart. Mike Melidor will be in charge of this union team. The Vauclinois finished tenth in the grand skiff championship.

You will have to hold her back. The Fem et Hom association at the top recruited two new sponsors on the eve of the skiff tour. The sail will be named SMEM/Solar Inox/Limitless. The Franciscans, under Steeve Jacqua, finished eleventh in the championship.

Ted Rascar will do whatever it takes to get Flech La back to the outposts. The boat, sporting Mc Donalds colors, finished twelfth in the championship. The Robertins have a lot to do if they want to break into the top 10 on the Tour.

Rediscovering the glory of the past may not be for the Couriers of Chabin’an this year. Alain Romer’s team finished penultimate in the championship. The flocked white sail CFA UMIH Formation Martinique should aim for the top of the second part of the ranking if possible.

Last in the championship, the skiff Royal Fruits de Martinique will no doubt have limited ambitions for the big round. The fact remains that finishing the Tour of Martinique round boats is already a feat. And the men of the Yole Trinitéenne will undoubtedly commit themselves to this goal. At the skull, Manuel Jean-Marie will ensure that his troops are brought back to the François.