Totti  Noemi Bocchi, touch of crisis?  There is the hand of the well  known journalist    ​​​​​​Tennis Press

Totti Noemi Bocchi, touch of crisis? There is the hand of the well known journalist ​​​​​​Tennis Press

Situation already in limbo for Francesco Totti and his new partner Noemi Bocchi. A little storm comes up that would have been planned by a well-known character who isn’t exactly a friend.

senior year for Francesco Toti it was downright stormy, at least from a media point of view. A symbol of Italian football for the past twenty years, the former Roma captain is known for events outside of sport.

2022 was indeed the almost unforgettable year of the rGap between Totti and his wife Ilary Blasi. A divorce that is taking place in the courtroom and which is due to see the final verdict in March. But that made for a lot of conversation.

The river interview by Totithe reporters explained the reasons for the separation After 17 years of marriage to Ilary, she has traveled the world. The relationship between the Roman footballer and the Mediaset presenter has been one of the most loved and appreciated relationships in Italy. It’s been at the end of the road for months.

Fabrizio Corona’s shadow on Francesco Totti’s new relationship

today Toti In the arms of his new girlfriend he seems completely relaxed. Or the very blonde Naomi Bocchia 34-year-old Roman who has been at Pupone’s side for some time.

The two have even moved in together in recent months, spending a lot of free time together between exotic holidays and official events. But despite the serenity of the facade, it could come an element ready to plunge Totti and Noemi into a crisis.

This article is called Fabricius Corona. The well-known and much-discussed tabloid journalist who has an open account with Totti and his family. Indeed, years ago Corona broke the news of a possible betrayal of the Roman centurion to Ilary with the soubrette Flavia Ventocategorically denied for years.

CrownFabrizio Corona –

After landing at the center of national criticism, Crown he could take revenge in a very special way. According to Dagospia, the Sicilian chronicler would have started collaborating with him Mario Cuccior the ex-husband of Noemi Bocchi.

An uncomfortable character that has affected several times in recent months Thrown dirt on Totti’s current girlfriend, defines her as a woman who is not inclined towards love and family and is more interested in material goods and the life of a star. All after responding to Noemi’s allegations that she had been physically abused by Caucci.

Crown takes care of the communication of the businessman from Tivoli. It would have been the reporter who organized Caucci’s interview It’s not the arena a few months ago, in which the man spat poison at the newborn couple, also pointed his finger at Totti and called him a family destroyer.

The precedent between Corona and Ilary Blasi

The potential hate and subsequent strategy of Fabricius Corona opposite Totti’s family comes from a well-known episode of Italian television. During an episode of GF VIP dated 2018.

The man was invited by Ilary Blasi, then Totti’s wife and presenter of the reality show, against Corona’s ex-partner Silvia Provvedi. An opportunity Ilary seized mock the man and accuse him of lying about Totti’s betrayal of Vento. A fool that Corona now apparently wants to avenge.