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Totti and Noemi, dream vacation with their children on the Symphony of the Seas: The record ship sets course for the Bahas

Toti and Ilary Blasi They greeted the new year with their respective new partners. Ilary left for Bangkok a week ago to book a New Year’s romantically with his new partner Bastian Muller. Totti and Naomi Bocchi, however, have chosen to fly in the heat by targeting the crystal clear waters of Miami. The romantic getaway has turned into a family vacation, however, as with them are their five children (three by him, two by her), Francesco’s historical friend Giancarlo Pantano with his wife and son, and other historical friend Emanuele Maurizi.


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Totti and Noemi, the dream cruise

The group was spotted a few days ago in Fiumicino by a fan who took a photo and then sent it to Deianira Marzano, known as the social queen of gossip, who made the shot viral and made Totti’s goal and Naomi public immediately. Chanel Totti, who showed the flight board at Fiumicino Airport with a story published on Instagram, was also thinking about her departure.

Totti and Noemi dream vacation with their children on the

The destination has been announced: the five-star cruise departed from Miami to the Bahamas. The choice fell on the “Symphony of the Seas”, a 5-year-old ship that has restaurants of all kinds on board and was the largest passenger ship in the world at the time of its launch in 2017. There is a golf course, a surfing wave simulator, an ice rink and all other top-level sports facilities. The costs? It starts at a minimum of 400 euros per day per person, not including a flight there.