Totti and Noemi Bocchi soccer game with ridicule Scarse Travel

Totti and Noemi Bocchi, soccer game with ridicule: “Scarse”. Travel to Miami moves on a cruise

Toti and Naomi Bocchicontinues at full speed kidnapping warm between palm trees and luxury restaurants a You love Me. there vacation however, the couple’s has turned into a vacation family Thanks to the company of the children of Puppet: chanels, isabel and Christianeven if the presence of the eldest son has only been confirmed in the last few hours thanks to a photo that he shared on his official profile that shows him in one Cruise ship with the skyscrapers of hot Miami as a backdrop.

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After spending three days in a five star hotel Miami Beach, Naomi and Toti along with the kids, had with Ilary Blasithey went out on a ship cruise to continue the luxury vacation on the warm beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

The couple’s destination is unknown, but several cruise ships leave Miami daily for the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico or the Cayman Islands. The choice fell on the Symphony of the Seasone of the most prestigious cruise lines departing from the Port of Miami.

Before embarking on the ship, however, Totti was caught on video while playing Soccer Along with some guys met outside thehotel. The scene was filmed by his girlfriend Noemi Bocchi, who shared the video on her official Instagram profile and wrote: “Sparse». The post was then shared again on the former Roma captain’s official profile.

Last updated: Sunday 1st January 2023 18:58