Totti and Ilary review separation clause |  she will be very uncomfortable to digest it

Totti and Ilary review separation clause | she will be very uncomfortable to digest it

There’s a really compromising clause that Francesca Totti seems to have slipped into the agreement to split from Ilary Blasi, but will such a decision be okay with her?

Besides talking about betrayals, escapades, departures to distant shores beyond the reach of public opinion, to update on the split between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti there would also be the divorce practices where they start Check some clauses.

Many are closely related to Division of wealth, which is really amazing, but we’ll see later, while others concern the private lives of the two and how they must behave accordingly. It seems that the former Roma captain decided to insert a rather invalid note against it Ilary who should respect her, which puts her in a very awkward position.

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In short, the split between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is not easy, it is not just a matter of understanding whether the football champion really had an escapade (or maybe more) with floral designer Noemi Bocchi, there are quite complex practices here, involving 20 years of life as a couple with three children.

The weekly Nuovo Tv, pit appears that a clause was imposed by Totti in the separation agreement which would oblige Ilary to stay and live in Rome.

This novelty is in perfect contradiction to the latest news they saw therea beautiful presenter ready to pack her bags to move to Milan, where the many work commitments await her and moreover it seems that the famous presenter wants to move to the Milan city to get closer to one of her closest friends, the hostess Silvia Toffanin.

In fact, the two have known each other since they were very young and together they took their first steps in the entertainment world and became the Cult letters from the program moderated by Gerry Scotti Passaparola.

But this situation does not seem to please Francesco at all, who does not want Ilary to move from the capital, with the possibility of having to move away from his children as well Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, actually the boys, from 17 to 16 to 6 years oldthey are very close to both parents and Francesco does not want to be separated from them for long, It would be a terrible affliction for the former champion.

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The solution originally leaked from Repubblica told a different story, or that the kids would stay in their mega mansion in the Eur district and the parents would be the ones who would take time off to stay with them without having to ask their children to spend a week with one and a week with the other and respect their work commitments.

In fact, that’s exactly how they do it now with the holidays in Sabaudia, where Ilary was before and now she has changed hands to Francesco in a very cold and distant key change.

We will soon know if Ilary will accept Totti’s clause or move to Milan, in the meantime we have to divide the business empire like this They’ve accumulated over the years and it’s a real fortune.

That of the former couple Totti is a real business empire That sees the beauty of seven companies, including a holding company with assets of seven million euros and some companies on behalf of relatives, see the former footballer’s mother, brother and cousin.

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But Totti had not only involved the family, Ilary had also passed on some activities to his sister. In addition, they must decide how to divide up the properties, including the villa in the Eur district, the much-discussed residence in Sabaudia and the apartment in Casal Palocco where Totti lived before he married Ilary.

Those are really amazing numbers when you also consider that the two have always stayed in business at a profit over time they are around 100 million euros. Finding the right arrangements will be a tedious job.