Totti and Ilary, crazy indiscretion: the reason for the breakup is shocking

Totti and Ilary, crazy indiscretion: the reason for the breakup is shocking

Totti and Ilary, crazy indiscretion: the reason for the breakup is shocking. The former Roma captain and the TV presenter no longer have a relationship

still Francesco Toti and Ilary Blasi, their names have become something of a tongue twister, a full-blown soap opera, in this hot summer of 2022. After seventeen years of marriage, the former captain of the Rome and the conductor of networks Mediaset They announced the final conclusion of their relationship.

Toti and IlaryTotti and Ilary Blasi (LaPresse)

But the end of the long love story in between Toti and the former Letterina di Passaparola has already given way to a new gossip that has been going crazy on social networks in recent days. the relationship that arose a few months ago between the same former Giallorossi number ten and a 34-year-old manager from Rome, Noemi Bocchi.

Toti and Noemi They would have started dating last fall and over the months their story would take the form of a truly passionate love story.

Some have even spotted them getting on a plane together in January, when no one, or almost no one, knew about their liaison. But that’s the end of the story for now Ilary Blasithe new female presence next to it Francesco Toti it is no longer a mystery to anyone.

Totti, bomb indiscretion: Noemi Bocchi is pregnant

Noemi Noemi Bocchi (Instagram)

The two have been spotted together on numerous occasions, and the new couple doesn’t seem to want to hide anymore. But in the last few hours, an indiscretion has left everyone speechless, a rumor still awaiting official confirmation.

Of what led to Corriere della Sera, Totti and Noemi were expecting a child that would be their third and his fourth child. Of course, the news has yet to receive confirmation from those directly involved, who would have actually decided to keep their love out of the spotlight pending the divorce Toti and Ilary Blasi it will not be official.

Stolen in the photos on the beach of Circeo which is near Totti’s house in Sabaudia and where Noemi Bocchi has decided to rent an apartment in a dormitory so as not to be too far from him, the 34-year-old manager appears to be in excellent shape and not a suspicious stomach.