Totoministri governed by Meloni eight Campanians running for a seat

Totoministri governed by Meloni, eight Campanians running for a seat: “We will defend the south”

The real game has not yet started, but several elected officials in Campania are also awaiting news from Rome for the formation of the new centre-right executive branch – for both the government and sub-government posts. We still have to wait for the rite of the Quirinale consultations, but each secretary of the center-right formations already has a list in his pocket of the names to be included in the top positions of the new executive. Edmondo Cirielli, Giuseppe Pecoraro, Marta Schifone, Antonio Iannone, Giampiero Zinzi, Attilio Pierro and Pina Castiello are the most prominent representatives. Different is the speech of Forza Italia, which will instead focus on their chips Stephen Caldoroeven in a complicated situation.


The largest patrol of aspirants evidently belongs to the Brethren of Italy. For two bells, even the leadership of important ministries could be at stake. Edmondo Cirielli di Fdi, General of the Arma, is among the most suitable candidates to head the Defense Ministry. There is obviously a balance to be struck between the parties in the centre-right coalition, but the Salerno MP has what it takes to aspire to leadership of the Palazzo Baracchini. Failing to lead him to department head, Cirielli could still return to the second round in the secretaries of state game. The same goes for Giuseppe Pecoraro, who was not elected to the very difficult College of San Carlo all’Arena-Vomero. As a former prefect of Rome, he has all the qualifications to lead this Ministry of the Interior, which has long since ended in the goals of Matteo Salvini. Pecoraro’s struggle in Totoministri’s complex puzzle is complex but highly appreciated by Giorgia Meloni. If the team could not be found, Pecoraro could join the ranks of secretaries of state or play a major role in government-intelligence relations. Stefano Caldoro’s story is more complex, although he already has extensive government experience not only as governor, but above all as minister for the implementation of the program, as deputy minister and then as secretary of state for education. Caldoro could not assert himself in the difficult boarding school for Palazzo Madama and therefore remains regional councillor. The window is opening for the former governor to a ministry, otherwise for a sub-government role he should give up the seat on the regional council. It is not excluded that, based on the experience already gained, Caldoro could be used as a political adviser or head of cabinet in the ministries dealing with the use of European funds: Southern or European Affairs.


The newly elected Marta Schifone can also aspire to a role for Fdi – as the federal chair of the party for the professions – the newly elected Marta Schifone. The doors of the Ministry of Justice on Via Arenula could open to them. For previous experiences, the other very loyal Melonier, Antonio Iannone, can point to the role of Secretary of State for Education. Matteo Salvini will also reserve positions as Secretary of State for his elected officials. Pina Castiello seems to be in pole position among the Campanians of Carroccio – there could also be two from Campania – not elected but already working as State Secretary in the Ministry of the South in the yellow-green government. Giampiero Zinzi and Attilio Pierro also play their cards. For another big league player in Naples, Severin NappiThe same discourse applies to Caldoro: from regional councilor to running for a sub-government post, he should resign from his current post as he was not elected.