Toronto is among the most congested cities in the world

Toronto is among the most congested cities in the world

Toronto’s roads are among the most congested in the world, while drivers lost an average of 118 hours to traffic in 2022.

According to the Toronto Star, Toronto residents complain daily that the city’s traffic congestion is among the worst in the world.

According to one report, the city ranked 7th in 2022, but it’s not the only Canadian city to make the list. At number 33 we find Montreal with an average of 72 lost hours for the year 2022. Vancouver is at number 58, Winnipeg at number 107, Calgary at number 460 and Edmonton at number 834 in the region.

According to Robin Lindsey, a professor at the University of British Columbia, the speed limit and the size of the city are factors that can affect the time a driver spends on the road.

She added that if cities like Toronto are to break through traffic congestion, they need to invest in public transportation.

“Upgrading the public transport network is a better option, but it’s quite expensive and the budget is limited, especially considering that ridership is declining and therefore less fare revenue,” she explained.