Top 5 Veerayya fever grips The Telugu States

Top 5: Veerayya fever grips The Telugu States

Top 5: Veerayya fever grips the Telugu countries

1. Waltair Veeraya: The film began with many houses amidst the festival frenzy. Fans of both Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja were supportive of the openings and eventual talk that the film has reached lighter moments in the performance of vintage Chiranjeevi as family audiences began to fill theaters.

The collections were impressive throughout the long weekend and topped the list. Audience response both in India and abroad was the highest for the film this season. The film stood as a Sankranthi winner.

2. Veera Simha Reddy: This Balakrishna star was released amid fan furore. The opens were quite large initially but suddenly saw a precipitous drop from the second day. The TDP groups have tried their best to show artificial records by making bulk bookings.

The overdose of violence and serious drama with no lighter moments in the narrative made the film restricted to a limited audience. The collections have been trending downwards all weekend.

3. Vaarasudu: The film met with a moderate response in all centers. Even though the film was made by the Telugu director and popular Telugu producer, the audience has viewed it as a dubbed film because of the hero.

The film appealed to those who are genuinely excited to see the wealth on screen with the story of a wealthy business family. Vijay tried his luck competing with local heroes Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna but finished third on the list.

4. Tegimpu: The film was declared an absolute flop on day 1 itself. Confined to a single location throughout the film, the heavy action drama did not go down well with the majority of audiences.

Attempted on a large scale along the lines of past Hollywood films, this did not go down well with local audiences. Ajith flopped at the Telugu box office this Pongal season.

5. Kalyanam Kammaneeyam: While the festival season was filled with the roar of two big straight movies and two big dubbed movies. the film Kalyanam Kamaneeyam dared to enter the scene and occupy some screens.

While it’s a contrast to the other high-dose, high-voltage films, the dated story and predictable narrative failed to spread positive conversation about the film.

With the shortest running time of all time recently, the film didn’t test viewers’ energies, but at the same time failed to win hearts either.