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Tool “Dedura” texts generated by artificial intelligence; Meeting!

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Many texts that circulate on the Internet are not written by humans. In many cases, they are performed by combinations of sensible algorithms created by robots or bots. In this way, artificial intelligence is able to produce texts that appear to have been made by humans.

However, with GPTZero it is possible to quickly discover the authorship of each of them. That A new application has been made to find out whether texts were created by humans or robot. Learn more about this tool below.

How does GPTZero work?

Princeton University computer science student Edward Tian launched GPTZero in early 2023. Simple and accessible, the application pledges to quickly identify whether a text was written by a human or a bot.

To do this, the user must open the tool’s website, which only works online, and paste the text to be analyzed. Then just put GPTZero to work. This brings up a detailed report of each paragraph with graphics showing where the text is more “human” or “robotic”. In addition, it also represents a kind of final opinion in which the user is shown whether the text was written by a person or not.


Edward Tian developed two main analysis strategies to make the application work: text complexity and sentence length. If the text takes more care in constructing the argument, including certain vices, the application will not detect the presence of robots. Finally, writing bots tends to be more automatic and straightforward.

As for the length of sentences, a text written by a person tends to have sentences of different lengths. This is a behavior that does not occur with artificial intelligence texts, which tend to have sentences of equal length.

With great popularity in just a few days, GPTZero won over teachers. While not infallible, the application has been included in the list of tools used by teachers to check student work for plagiarism. Combined with other already widely used resources, GPTZero proves useful not only for these professionals, but also for anyone who wants to “debunk” authorship.

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