Tony Ramos cries in ‘Mais Você’: ‘I can’t take the pride’

Tony Ramos cries in ‘Mais Você’: ‘I can’t take the pride’

Tony Ramos cried on “Mais Você” today after seeing a video of Globo employees praising his kindness and attitude behind the scenes at the company.

“I believe in life, in affection, in respect. I can’t stand arrogance in people, I can’t stand someone who puts their finger on it and says, ‘That’s the truth,'” the actor said in a choked voice.

“I can’t take it, no one has the absolute truth. It’s unbearable when someone says: That’s life. I can’t stand prejudice. I don’t like people who call themselves religious and then leave the church and are biased, intolerant. What kind of religiosity is this? ? What kind of god is this that you carry within you?”

Before breakfast with Ana Maria Braga, Tony Ramos entered the program smiling and banging a pan. He explained that he saw the “Mais Você” crew do this as a greeting the day before the recording, and he liked the idea so much that he decided to do the same thing on air to show the audience demonstrate.

In the conversation, the actor also remembered his origins and reflected: “I come from the lower middle class, where everyone had to work a lot. Today I have no problem saying that, the pride in the people is unbearable.”