Toni Costa reveals psychologist visited her in ‘LCDLF2’: ‘It was time to spit’

Toni Costa reveals psychologist visited her in ‘LCDLF2’: ‘It was time to spit’

The dancer Toni Costa began writing a new story in her life on May 10th. Moment in which he was accompanied by other well-known personalities of the entertainment world and that everyone would also be seen for who they are, without having to follow a script.

However, the theme of coexistence was quite strong among everyone who attended, as The House of the Famous 2 was constantly surrounded by gossip, intrigue, resentment and misunderstandings that outraged some of them.

“I left with an incredible peace of mind because there you have a lot of moments alone, you have a lot of moments where you don’t have entertainment that distracts you to think, also to listen to advice,” explained the Spaniard in ‘La mesa hot ‘. .

Alaïa’s father explained that the reality show’s contestants attended the weekly consultation if the professional saw it that way, considering that none of them could have any contact with the outside world and they lived with complete strangers where they had to adapt to the customs of others.

“We had weekly therapy, we had good support from psychologists every week if they considered it. It was the moment I walked into the confessional, it was the moment nothing was recorded and it was the moment to spit it all out,” he added on the show.

Adamari López’s ex-partner explained that the psychologists saw it well in the midst of the whole situation he was going through and that behind the camera he could express everything he really felt without being judged by the other colleagues or the audience itself.

“When I was done with the show, the psychologists came and said, ‘Toni, how are you? See you very well, do you need anything? and I say “no, I’m glad I left happy,” he explained before ending the interview.

Toni Costa added that he doesn’t want to take part in any kind of show like this ever again. In addition, he addressed an invitation to those who wish to lead them and therefore do not wish to participate. However, he clarified that it was a great experience he had.

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