Toni Costa continues to give details of her private life and reveals an agreement she has with Adamari López

Toni Costa continues to give details of her private life and reveals an agreement she has with Adamari López

Last May, the participants entered “La Casa de los Famosos 2”, since then many personal things have been revealed by those who had the opportunity to go there. In turn, they have learned details that would not have even occurred to them, one of them was Toni Costa.

Adamari López’s ex-partner has never had any doubts about revealing situations in which she is involvedfrom what led to the breakup to taking care of her skin, remembering their relationship of more than 10 years and that little Alaïa Costa was born as a result of that love.

“There’s a tradition in my mother’s town with the sacred that If a baby is born in the family, upload it to the saint. So, the saint is worn by the people of the city and you change depending on the section,” said the Zumba instructor, too.

In this way, Costa was responsible for publicizing the agreement he made with the mother of his little girl, which also includes his firstborn, that everything would revolve around giving his daughter well-being amidst the religious beliefs of the Spaniards provide family has.

The custom they adapted comes from Ms. Carmen’s town and the choreographer also wanted to explain in a very enthusiastic way to the few remaining members of “La Casa de los Famosos 2” what are some cultures that have their origins in Spain .

“The last time it was Adamari with my mother, my brother-in-law and me … also with my sister, with Alaïa who grew up super small, we put it on the saint. I want to go now for Christmas‘ added Evelyn Beltrán’s partner.

He also stated that it’s something he’s very comfortable with and that he wants to go soon where he has to share with his daughter. However, it is not talked about as it is a date that everyone wants to share with their relatives while Costa and López have been separated for more than a year.

We have always kept the tradition that Alaïa spends Santa Claus at home“, he added.

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