Tommaso Zorzi at the helm of Tailor Made the interview

Tommaso Zorzi at the helm of Tailor Made, the interview: "I answer the criticism with facts" rumours

Yesterday we had the pleasure of spending time on the set of the highly anticipated new Discovery+ format Bespoke – Who has what it takes?along with the cast. Tommaso Zorzito the management, together with the jurors Elide Morelli and Cristina Tardito, experts in the field and ready to make the right suggestions to the competitors who will test themselves. The first is known for having been a dressmaker at Maison Valentino from 1967 to 2021, when she became a top dressmaker; the second is the creative director and founder of the brand Kristina Ti, with a refined eye and always ready to innovate.

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We were fortunate enough to get to know this trio up close and we believe in it You will not skimp on criticism and sharp comments. The ten trainees ready to claim the title of winner compete to put all their creative and manual skills to the test. In each episode, of the 6 in total, they will compete against each other three exams very different: first the technical test, a transformation test based on the principles of upcycling and a final test dedicated to the creation of a tailor-made suit. But let’s find out what Zorzi told us about the adventure which we can see online soon.

Bespoke ZorziPhoto:

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During the presentation press conference, we had the opportunity to ask Tommaso what it is changed his approach to the program, compared to other experiences, considering Tailor Made brings together his greatest passions, which are management and fashion. “For me, trying to combine these two passions was on the one hand… At first glance I thought it would be a very simple thing, from the outside I looked at it like a picnic. Let’s see the clothes, make two jokes and go… Actually That was also an experience that weighed heavily on mebecause it was very difficult to make judgments and communicate phrases, such as eliminating people older than me.

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Continuing the speech, he added in reference to the competitors: “For us It was important to leave them with a desire to continue. Sometimes a program like this can quell the urge; in fact, none of them left here saying, “I don’t want to touch a sewing machine anymore”, on the contrary, they all came back to us with a richer portfolio, thanks to the judges’ advice. After greeting all readers, Tommaso answered a few curiosities. Along with the Discovery world, what can we expect after the recent highly successful experience? “I definitely wish it was three consecutive experiences. I like focusing on things and learning how to do them well. Already with Drag Race we are now entering the second season and I hope these programs can continue in the future,” he replied enthusiastically.

Interview with Tommaso Zorzi: This is how he reacts to criticism

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Eventually we moved on to the painful notes, but not too much. On social media, we have seen the amazing defenses your fans have been making against the criticism that has been leveled lately. what is your answer? “I do not answer. I answer with factsHe grinned. And actually from the win at Big Brother Vip 5 Tommaso it never stopped He continued to experiment with the behavior, not scorning a role as commentator, until winning the full trust of Warner Bros and Discovery. We can’t wait to see him at work in the Tailor Made adventure – who’s got what it takes? Starting June 28, we’ll see competitors wrestle with a needle and thread for 6 episodes on Discovery+.