Today’s horoscope Friday, August 19, 2022: last day of Mars in Taurus

Today’s horoscope Friday, August 19, 2022: last day of Mars in Taurus

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope for Friday, August 19, 2022 and the love, luck and work predictions for all zodiac signs. There is an air of change, from the stable and possessive Taurus to the inquisitive and always on the move Gemini. Both the Moon and Mars seem to express this passage.

Today's horoscope

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Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Friday, August 19, 2022 with astral forecasts for all zodiac signs: This is what the stars are telling us today about love, happiness and work! let’s enjoy the last moment of passion lush with Mars trine Pluto in the earth signs. Because starting tomorrow, the planet of energies is entering Gemini!

With the Moon between Taurus and Gemini, you get the feeling that the energies are really shifting: the lucky sign Today are Capricorn and they unlucky sign the Waterman.


Always remember that you have Jupiter on your side and whatever happens to you will ultimately have a positive side in some way. Just like the sheep “Fortunata” who travels 100 km with his little lamb to find his flock. Losing yourself in adventures will therefore not be a big problem.

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Today's horoscope for Aries

Today’s horoscope for the sign Aries

love: a real king under the covers!
work: Today you are only focused when they talk to you about love.
Health: Everyone’s jaws drop as soon as you walk past!
Advice of the day: have fun shopping fantasy football with your friends. This event is absolutely unmissable for fans of this national sport.
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You still enjoy the favor of Mars today, so you can devote yourself to your favorite sporting activities and get straight onto the winners’ podium. You’re practically the Mark Jacobs of the Zodiac winning European Athletics. Hurry, because tomorrow everything changes.

Today's horoscope for Taurus

Today’s horoscope for the sign Taurus

love: You are all a fire! But only until tomorrow.
work: a real company commander!
Health: It’s the right day to change the whole living room decor!
Advice of the day: To feel like a forever kid, you should create the Panini soccer stickers album. A leap into your childhood will be an extreme joy.
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You shouldn’t complain too much about this Mercury square, which is like a thorn under a foot. Remember that in difficult moments, hidden qualities come to the surface. Just like in this period of drought: Very important historical artefacts are being created all over the world. Always remember that the coin has two sides.

Today's horoscope for Gemini

Today’s horoscope for the sign Gemini

love: Surrender to insane joy today! With all your senses!
work: please don’t take yourself too seriously!
Health: Comb and mirror always at hand, even when you don’t need them!
The tip of the day: listen to classical music to relax and find peace with yourself. A beautiful sonata by Mozart or Beethoven is just for you.
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Feel free to join the initiative of Buccinasco pensioners who grow vegetables for the most needy families. With Mars still on your side, you’re ready to hoe, sow, and fertilize the earth for today. But of course until sunset. Because then you also like to devote yourself to other things.

Today's horoscope for Cancer

The daily horoscope for the sign Cancer

love: Quickie can also be good …
work: You conduct email satisfaction surveys among your colleagues in mid-August. I assure you that only you will be amazed by it!
Health: in constant motion!
Advice of the day: When renovating your home, choose natural materials such as wood and terracotta, which have always been very cool and will bring that warmth to your home that you love so much.
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Dear Leo, with Venus and Jupiter by your side, you are right on the crest of the wave. The super lioness Madonna, who has just turned 64, is always wonderful. Take it as an example of how to always be at the top of the documents regardless of age.

Today's horoscope for Leo

Today’s horoscope for the sign Leo

love: You want to make a mega indigestion!
work: As it is Friday, there is very little to do.
Health: Today you are always ready for a selfie!
Advice of the day: For this summer, but also for autumn and winter, the pink-colored items of clothing are an absolute must-have that can be dispensed with clothing and accessories and of course can be combined in a moderate way.
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It seems that the Torino name is becoming a successful brand in the food sector, especially for foreign products from chocolate to biscuits. You, who prefer Mercury, want to immediately clarify that this is the Italian city, and you cannot use the attraction and “goodness” of this capital. They have an official complaint in hand: a collection of 10,000 signatures to do justice and bring this important name “home” again.

Today's horoscope for Virgo

Today’s horoscope for the sign Virgo

love: today charm a go go!
work: You can’t get away from it even for a few minutes.
Health: very helpful, whether in the kitchen or with the holiday home chores.
Advice of the day: Celebs’ new obsession is the book stylist. Basically, he’s a nerd who knows all the past, present, and future books. You could easily suggest. Give it some thought because it could be a really interesting experience.
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They fully agree with the decree of decency that requires tourists to dress appropriately to walk the streets of the centers of the Italian coast, instead of wearing the traditional costume. As you keep getting better and better thanks to Venus, you want to offer your advice so that as well as being dressed, they are also stylish. First to propose immediately to the municipalities of the Ligurian coast.

Today's horoscope for Libra

Today’s horoscope for the sign Libra

love: Today you are sexier than Elettra Lamborghini.
work like the homework assignments, you apply a little each day.
Health: Dust off that miniskirt when you were eighteen!
Advice of the day: I’m sure you haven’t missed the Haley Bieber-style nails on social media: they’re simple, but very, very sophisticated. For a careful, on-trend style, but without exaggerating.
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Physically you are very exhausted from the opposition of Mars, which fortunately ends tomorrow. If you need to do heavy work, you can also consider an exoskeleton. It seems that they will soon be included for all those jobs that are considered too physically demanding. You could try, but only for today.

Today's horoscope for Scorpio

The daily horoscope for the zodiac sign Scorpio

love: By now you’ve sorted it into the Trouble category.
work: You’re complaining because you want them all already up and running!
Health: world champion of the middle finger.
Advice of the day: Remember to turn on the countdown to the first episode of House of Dragon. There are only a few days left and you definitely don’t want to miss the start of this new exciting passion.
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Thanks to Venus and Jupiter you can indulge in unbridled fun. It seems Belen is in the same mood as you, in fact posting a photo showing off the four extra kilos of “happiness” she’s amassed over a summer of love. Saying that feelings and joy bring a certain well-being.

Today's horoscope for Sagittarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign Sagittarius

love: like to give kisses and caresses, like rehearsals and perfumes.
work: In order not to make any decisions, you demoted yourself to an assistant.
Health: professional in light thinking, undemanding.
Advice of the day: Always remember to poke fun at yourself, which has always been a successful weapon for conquest, just like Berlusconi urging voters to vote for the Communist Party in his daily pills. Joking is always good.
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They wholeheartedly agree with Christian De Sica’s comment on the hype defined as “pawns” seen recently on social media. You with Mercury favor moderation, in all areas. Like the real gentlemen.

Today's horoscope for Capricorn

Today’s horoscope for the sign Capricorn

love: today like Figaro: everyone wants you, everyone is looking for you.
work: You are already at full capacity.
Health: they all sing to you: ‘He’s coming, my handsome …’.
Advice of the day: In no case do not give up the private cabin in the bathrooms of your beach. The perfect place to store all the things you need and an exclusive space to change your costume. A somewhat outdated but very functional habit.
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They would need a life partner like the Naples-born robot “Brillo” who speaks with that cute Neapolitan accent and even makes cocktails. You who have Venus against you need lightness, and certainly to confess to a good bartender who knows how to listen and keep all your secrets.

Today's horoscope for Aquarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign Aquarius

love: Today is the maximum of your relationships with yourself.
work: The accounts add up with even 3 decimal places.
Health: You always have to complain about early parties.
Advice of the day: In these days of somewhat depressed mood, the focus is on the film: ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It’s a story of adventure, hope and inclusion. In fact, he explains that there is real value in being different for the group.
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When a 97-year-old lady who loves to read becomes a testimonial for a publisher, anything is possible for you too. Remember you still have the benefits of Mars and even today the Moon (until after lunch) so dream big and work hard.

Today's horoscope for Pisces

Today’s horoscope for the sign Pisces

love: real fantasies!
work: don’t take yourself too seriously.
Health: Challenges are your daily bread.
Advice of the day: The city of Turin is looking for postmen for the parcel delivery boom. You, who are always very available, can work to make you feel more and more useful to society.
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