Today’s horoscope for Thursday, August 18, 2022 by Las Estrellas de Walter Mercado

Today’s horoscope for Thursday, August 18, 2022 by Las Estrellas de Walter Mercado

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and associate of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March, 20th – April 18)

Take the initiative in everything and don’t be manipulated by those who say they love you and are only trying to take advantage of you. Recharge your batteries in silence and meditation. Bury all the sadness of the past and open yourself to a new life full of blessings. Don’t let toxic people invade your space. Lucky numbers: 4, 39, 16.


(April 19-19 May)

Follow your instincts fully and bet everything you know and can. It’s time to put your courage into play in the business world and in the personal world. Excursions, conferences and cultural activities are in good hands. Encounters with people from your past will bring you success. Lucky numbers: 21, 18, 4.


(May 20-19 in June)

You have pending matters that require your attention, but don’t despair. Calm down, everything will work out perfectly if you organize yourself and find someone to help you a little. Don’t be shy and ask for what you need. The nerves will end up killing you if you do nothing to control this situation. Lucky numbers: 7, 30, 12.


(20th June – 21 July)

Believe in yourself. Set seemingly impossible goals that you will achieve. The stars tell you about money and professional success. Work, fight, but make time for yourself and your partner. Your health is considered better, but you still need to avoid excesses. Lucky numbers: 5, 30, 4.


(22nd of July – August 21)

Get out of everything that harms you. Don’t wear other people’s crosses. Don’t close yourself off to new experiences because of disappointments and old love wounds. Dive into your being and analyze your life. You will find a number of mistakes made over and over again. Now it is necessary that you learn from them. Lucky numbers: 15, 8, 49.


(August 22nd – 21st September)

You will not yield enough to the demands of those who trust you. Listen carefully to the comments and criticisms of others, but use your heart to decide. A friend will be your right hand today. Now you won’t be able to complain about your bad luck anymore. Lucky numbers: 34, 15, 2.

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(22 Sep – Oct. 22)

Your personal magic and charm shines through, leading you to conquer the hardest of hearts. Calling forgotten friends, answering emails, making things right. Express your true feelings without fear of being rejected. What matters is that you know how to give love. Lucky numbers: 11, 7, 20.


(23 Oct – 20 Nov)

Don’t argue about religion or politics. Pay attention, but don’t comment on what others have secretly revealed to you. You will encounter irresponsible, problematic and irritating people today, especially in your work area. Apply understanding and tolerance and you will overcome everything. Lucky numbers: 29, 21, 16.


(21st November – 20th of December)

Enjoy the things you like and show what your heart feels to those who love you and are always with you, both physically and mentally. It is imperative that you develop absolute confidence in yourself. Treat yourself to a romantic interlude with someone special. Lucky numbers: 18, 2, 45.


(21st December – January 18)

Fulfill your resolutions, affirm your vows. Your health is now the top priority. Take care of your nervous system. Treat yourself to beauty treatments and cheer up. Rest and plan what you want to achieve in your life so you can take another step towards your future. Lucky numbers: 9, 50, 41.


(January 19 – February 17)

They bring harmony to your home and joy to your workplace. Family will grow closer to you and issues that have somehow kept them apart will be resolved. New relationships are emphasized. You shine and stand out like never before in relation to work or profession. Lucky numbers: 18, 8, 25.


(February 18-19 March)

A secret romance blossoms and your most beautiful feelings are highlighted. You come with your family from here and there. Emotional bonds are strengthened like never before. Love surrounds you, but in a very subtle way, without making a fuss. You will be more spiritual and psychic. Lucky numbers: 7, 44, 39.