Today’s horoscope for Monday, January 16, 2023

Aries horoscope

In love, if your partner isn’t there yet, but you’re “on the hunt”, put on your storm gear and get going… Today in the office, the bosses will certify their appreciation for your competence, your perfect skills, always be Be punctual and respect labor relations. The positive sky affirms the great professionalism you are blessed with. A nice hike and a little meditation are the secret ingredients to banish the anxiety of everyday life. Quarrels that accompany the children try to maintain a productive confrontation.

When you see with new eyes, you can rediscover the little pleasures of everyday life.

Horoscope Taurus

Those of you who are single embark on exciting adventures and have good opportunities for fun and exciting experiences. Professionally, communication and timing are your magic helpers. You have caught the pulse of the times with excellent earning prospects in the last week. Indulge in a nutritious lunch to stay in shape. The house, on the other hand, will continue to require commitment, especially if there are ongoing financial problems.

Forgiveness is easier to achieve than perfection.

Gemini horoscope

Love and Eros: Beloved and finally, after years of lacking self-esteem, a little more secure in yourself and in your gentle and discreet but no less intense charm. Creativity and the ability to renew yourself professionally will always be within your reach: valuable qualities that you can put to good use to advance. In any case, to feel better, pay attention to your diet. Draconian parents and in-laws, there’s always something to talk about in your home, and it’s in a rather heated tone. Between brothers, on the other hand, you will speak with self-confidence again, finally free from infantile jealousy and fixations.

Helping hands are holier than praying mouths.

Cancer horoscope

Love and Eros: Love smiles at you because you are love, and when you have to leave you find yourself at the train station or at the airport, with a bow and arrow in the car, but you recognize it immediately and declare yourself ready for love on the first view. Accumulate good results from day one and earn the respect of your superiors. A good position of the stars, which will benefit the first decade, will make you dynamic, combative and unpassable by anyone. When it comes to health, nothing happens without sacrifice and good habits must be maintained, but now you have developed the necessary awareness to understand and appreciate it. There can be problems in the family area; Remember, communication is always the right choice.

Loving is knowing how to forgive.

Leo horoscope

In love there will be moments that will caress engaged ones among you too, not just single ones. Stick to the goal if you really want it and with a little persistence you will be able to get the results you want. Try to keep up good habits and don’t tire yourself out too much. In the family, one may at times feel a little oppressed or misunderstood, and that’s understandable; just avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Resentment is an unnecessary burden.

Virgo horoscope

In the area of ​​human relations, it is an excellent time to initiate important projects for any union. The excellent sky scenario that day encourages commercial activities and those who need contact with the public: it is a sector where there should not be a lack of real opportunities and satisfactions. No need to worry about minor physical ailments: the stars protect your health and, apart from these small mishaps, you can run, jump and let off steam on the roads of life without feeling hit … In short, you are protected by yours Optimism and always positive thinking: keep it up, you must be imitated. In the family things are different when it comes to balance, here we are discussing, but on much more concrete topics: Your crazy purchases, for example.

More confidentiality and caution.

Libra horoscope

Sharing cultural and political interests with your better half is one of the beneficial effects that the lucky stars give you as a symbol of intensive enrichment of the couple’s charms. Collect moderate achievements in the office thanks to your exceptional intelligence. After some time, you will see your efforts recognized by an official crowning of what you previously did. It takes some rest, but also healthy exercise to stay in shape. As for family, your strong spirit will be feared by relatives, but don’t be put off by those who can’t understand you.

A middle ground must be found between the heart and the head.

Horoscope Scorpio

When you are single, you will want to shed the warrior’s armor and rest sweetly in the arms of love! Interested, conscientious, hardworking, close to the office with the usual sense of duty, as a freelancer continue to be cautious but safe. Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically too: treat yourself to moments of total relaxation and a little exercise. You also worry a bit about the dolls if you have any, who always frown in the family and go out with strangers at night.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Horoscope Sagittarius

The search for your ideal partner requires from you an awareness and an action that brings all your psychophysical powers into play. If you’ve been dealing with a work project for a long time, this is the year it could come true and the effort will not have been in vain. Well-being: energy is not exceptional, on the other hand the mirror returns a pleasant image, a beautiful complexion and lively eyes, a sign that you are not as exhausted as you say. This period urges to face family issues that require criteria, someone will resist, and conflicts will arise.

Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

Horoscope Capricorn

When the love sky is favorable, you can gain a deeper understanding with your partner. The sky looks good for your shield, giving you a big hand when you’re about to change positions or prepare for competitions, exams, or end-of-year questions. Today you may need a lot of energy and charge, try to be optimistic about the people around you. The air is heavy in the house. Maybe there is a heated exchange of opinions or a certain lack of communication at the root of the problem, but whatever: the important thing is to remedy the situation.

Immerse yourself in nature to switch off from everyday life.

Horoscope Aquarius

On a sentimental level, experience an authentic time, enjoy it carefree. Your work image will be renewed with spontaneity, brilliance and freshness: a help from the stars you use. The sympathy you arouse in others, including in the workplace, is a gift from the stars today. If you are not lacking in well-being, you may be a little tired. Treat yourself to the pleasure of a cup of tea before bed: it will help you relax after a long day. An issue affecting your family requires intense focus and the need to make important decisions.

The hardest compromises to make are those with your conscience.

Pisces horoscope

An unexpected invitation from your old friends puts you in touch with an exciting new acquaintance. The excellent arrangement of the stars symbolizes the positive changes that are taking place for you today in your job or in your self-employed business. Beautiful and firm skin, although very sensitive, be very careful with temperature changes and extremes of temperature in general. Either way, family relationships are tiring, you’re missing someone, someone else is weighing you down or trying to give you orders to unleash your rebellious side, which takes a while to get going but when it goes…save yourself , who can!

Look on the bright side.


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