1674503898 Today is another day Don Bruno embarrasses Bortone Frost in

Today is another day, Don Bruno embarrasses Bortone: Frost in the studio

Today is another day Don Bruno embarrasses Bortone Frost in

An unfortunate departure from his embarrassed host Serena Borton Today is another day on Rai 1. In the studio with her the lover Don Bruno Maggioni, the priest-turned-webstar in recent years and recently featured as a contestant on The Voice Senior. In the past, the man had become an internet phenomenon after a video of him performing at a wedding he officiated to the tune of “Mamma Maria” went viral on social media.

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In recent days, the man has shown himself on the small screen, most notably at Antonella Clerici’s talent show. Don Bruno performed on The Voice Senior stage with the song “No one can Judge Me” by Caterina Caselli. However, his singing qualities did not convince the jury. In any case, thanks to his participation in the program, the priest had the opportunity to gain further visibility. Serena Bortone invited him to her show to learn a little bit about her show experience as a man of the Churchhis relationship with the faithful and his career as a “singer”.

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At one point in the interview, the priest had the opportunity to connect with his parish and exchange a few words with the housekeeper who has followed him for so many years. At that moment, he revealed to the presenter that he often sings little songs with his trusted collaborator, including a piece that he began singing live: “We will ask the pastor if it is a sin to love one another. With the beautiful it is not a sin. With the wicked, it’s charity!”. After the performance, Bortone appeared in extreme embarrassment: First she giggled and then she put her hand in front of her face.

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