Today fans feel overwhelmed after seeing Dylan Dreyer’s family’s Instagram update

Today fans feel overwhelmed after seeing Dylan Dreyer’s family’s Instagram update

Show star today Dylan Dreyer can keep people up to date on news and the weather. But that doesn’t mean she misses out on monumental family moments.

The longtime NBC co-host, 41, recently took to Instagram to share a big milestone for him rusty1, the youngest of her three children with a husband Brian Fichera36. (The couple also have sons together Calvin6 and Olivier, 3.) In the clip, fans can hear Dylan cheering for Rusty as he walks through the living room. Thrilled by her son’s accomplishment, she congratulates Rusty as soon as he reaches her.

“Woo-hoo Rusty!!!” She captioned the video on December 28. “Maybe that’s why you haven’t slept at night…You’re too excited to learn to walk!!”

Just like Dylan, Today fans couldn’t get over the sweet moment. Many people shared the broadcast journalist’s joy and immediately went to the meteorologist’s comment section with heartwarming words of support.

“No stopping him now!!! He’ll run through all the rooms,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Your smile is everything! Says everything we need to know mom,” wrote another follower. “Look at Rusty, go. Watch out, big brothers. ❤️,” added another user.

Dylan’s happy news comes just two months after she suffered a health scare in November when both Rusty and Oliver contracted respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

“It’s just scary because there’s nothing you can do,” she said today. “Oliver was coughing so hard it was taking his breath away… Rusty was breathing really fast and just had this wheeze with his breathing.”

Luckily everyone is safe and sound now. With Rusty on the road, we can’t wait to see what else he’s up to.

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