To tears    September 5th

To tears September 5th

By: Chris Gonzalez

The other day they sent me a meme of a young woman crying with her hands over her face and saying, “Leave me alone, capitalism, I have nothing left.” cat face, replied: “Your tears, give me your tears, I will make drinks out of them.”

Of course, the ironic personification was intended to make people laugh, but if we analyze the meme, it’s a sad truth now represented by a political and ideological system like neoliberalism that brings us to tears.

In this sense, it has been in crescendo for a few months, a term borrowed from music that means “gradual increase in sound intensity”, but in this case we will apply it to the news about the economic crisis that we are experiencing and that they are also has intensified worldwide and will continue to intensify.

The inflation in the region is well known, which all countries have dealt with, except for Bolivia, which managed to protect itself from this terrible storm thanks to government measures and as a productive economy with natural resources most of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean . But we will leave our continent for another occasion.

The information shows that annual inflation in 19 euro-zone countries has now replaced its historical maximum in July, where it reached 8.9%, according to preliminary data from the European statistics office Eurostat. The figures collected show that the current rate of inflation is the highest since February 1982 when this index was 10.2%. In June 2022, consumer prices rose by 0.8%, following May’s growth of 0.7%. Analysts consulted by the portal DailyFX They pledged to expect annual inflation at 9.3% and monthly at 0.7%, as released by Sputnik.

According to economists, there is “good inflation” that occurs in an economy that moves, creates jobs and produces, as is now the case in Venezuela; and another “bad inflation” happening in Europe, the latter “typically having a bigger impact on households that are in the lower part of the income distribution given that they use a larger part of their salary to pay for fuel.” , electricity and heating. In addition, these households also have a lower savings rate,” as stated in This was written in October 2021, well before the start of the war, when the prospects were already poor.

Now Russia is being blamed for everything, but Europe is in a debacle that I would say started with the Covid-19 pandemic, which exposed the terrible public health system and lack of medical resources.

The poor, the migrants, especially the Arab and African populations, will suffer the consequences of a system that, being the spiral of the United States, had nothing to alleviate the hardships that ordinary people endure. Add to this the supportive participation – another irony – of Canada and the non-delivery of Russia’s Nord Stream turbine, the largest gas pipeline to Europe, to boycott the federation, further exacerbating the situation for next winter. The dilemma that 35 million Europeans will face is whether to eat or heat. Who vouches for the weak in these countries?

(Originally published in Correo del Alba)