“To date, nothing is known”: the emergency hospitalization of Raoul Bova

“To date, nothing is known”: the emergency hospitalization of Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova is one of those actors who have meanwhile entered the hearts of all of us. And it is precisely for this reason that his health condition greatly worried all his fans when he was hospitalized. But what happened?

Actors of immense talent and infinite beauty, these are the words that describe one of the local actors who has learned to love and appreciate the world. We are talking about Raoul Bova, a man who is becoming more pretty and fascinating with the passing years. We’ve seen him on the big screen in blockbuster film productions as well as on the small screen in fictions that soon became huge hits, gathering ever-growing audiences. And precisely because of his tremendous talent, every news about the actor causes a special stir Attention. It is what also fell in the actor hospitalized when he was busy with a movie set. A situation in which, for a specified period of time, a aura of mystery. But what happened to the actor?

To date nothing is known the emergency hospitalization of Raoul

Health workers’ intervention was immediate when Raoul Bova began to accuse the former Pains. The situation immediately seemed so serious that the actor was after it hospitalized in the hospital he had to undergo an urgent operation. What was the reason that made the actor go under the knife? At first the cause of everything was none other than a appendectomy which seemed to have resolved itself after the operation in the Spanish territories. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way at all. Indeed due to some complications, The actor was hospitalized again after returning to Italy. But what was the cause of that second hospitalization?

Fear for the life of Raoul Bova

News also reported by the website corriere.it stating that Raoul Bova had to undergo one second surgery due to a mistake in the Spanish hospital. In fact, in his Abdomen, some have been found gauze scraps which caused the actor to suffer greatly.

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This was a situation that made Raoul Bova become his absent for a period on movie set of the new film he was working on. This is the film by Fausto Brizzi, Guess who’s coming to dinner. Along with him on the set, other big faces of the cinema world were involved in this production. Under these names we remember Claudio Bisio, Diego Abatantuono, Carlo Buccirosso, Angela Finocchiaro, Cristiana Capotondi, Isa Barzizza and Rosalia Porcaro.

Fortunately, the actor succeeded heal in time to complete his work and move forward with his career which still gives him great satisfaction years later