TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with a 24-year-old intern in his office

TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with a 24-year-old intern in his office

TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with a much younger subordinate while at work.

A source claimed on Thursday to that Holmes had a month-long affair with then 24-year-old Jasmine Pettaway in 2015 – while the currently-suspended “GMA3” co-host was married to his now-estranged wife Marilee Fiebig.

“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position and he was ruthless,” claimed the source, who reportedly knew Pettaway – a script coordinator – well at the time.

“It was Jasmine’s first real job in television and it was a big deal for her,” continued the source, who spoke to the outlet on condition of anonymity. “She was looking for a mentor and reached out to several people. TJ was someone who was approachable, but he absolutely abused the trust.”

TJ Holmes walking in New York City.TJ Holmes allegedly had sex with a 24-year-old intern in his office. ZapatA/MEGA

According to the reported insider, Pettaway and Holmes, who joined the ABC News team in September 2014, often worked the same shifts.

“Holmes was someone who got drinks and he and Jasmine started it,” the insider claimed, noting that the now 45-year-old “was a correspondent at the time.”

The whistleblower went on to claim that the couple’s relationship “turned sexual” for the first time “in his office” — just “a few hours” before it was due to go on the air.

A selfie by Jasmine Pettaway.A source claimed the currently-suspended GMA3 co-host had a month-long fling with former script coordinator Jasmine Pettaway in 2015

The insider claimed to the Mail, “They had sex and I know she was confused afterwards as to what that meant.”

According to the source, Holmes’ alleged behavior towards Pettaway was not unusual, but was part of an “incredibly reckless” behavior on his part.

The presenter even once got “handy” with Pettaway in public while they were having a drink, according to the report.

A selfie by Jasmine Pettaway.“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position and he was ruthless,” the source claimed. Jasmine Aria/Facebook

“He just didn’t seem to care,” the source said, claiming that Holmes was “wearing his [wedding] Ring” back then.

The pair’s alleged affair “fizzled” after a few months, leaving the insider wondering if Holmes “was ever interested in being a mentor at all.”

“He had everything on his terms. He was interested and then he wasn’t,” the whistleblower claimed, adding, “Nobody was talking about abuse of power back then, but things happened.”

An ABC source exclusively told Page Six that “there is already an internal investigation into whether anything happened between TJ and Jasmine Pettaway.”

TJ Holmes, Marilee Fiebig and her daughter are sitting together in a restaurant.Holmes was at the time married to his now estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig. marileefholmes/Instagram

“She was only at ABC News for a short time, but if they had an affair when he was her boss, that would be a big problem for TJ,” adds our source.

ABC declined to comment.

Holmes’ workplace behavior first made headlines in November 2022, when his month-long affair with then-married “GMA3” co-host Amy Robach was exposed.

After the network launched an investigation into the nature of the on-air colleagues’ relationship, it was reported that Holmes allegedly had romances with at least two other collaborators, including married producer Natasha Singh.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach hug on the "GMA3" to adjust.Holmes is currently dating his “GMA3” co-host Amy Robach.ajrobach/Instagram

“The feeling is that TJ and Amy aren’t coming back,” our source tells us. “HR and executives are looking for a way to hang her and this might be it for him.”

“He and Amy are equals,” our insider notes, “but if he was having an affair with a subordinate, that’s clear grounds for his firing.”

A second source tells us: “It is very unlikely that they will return to ‘GMA.’ They have lawyers and mediation starts next week.”

Holmes and Robach representatives declined to comment.

Pettaway did not immediately respond to calls from Page Six.