Tina Turner left after tasting true love after escaping her

Tina Turner left after tasting true love after escaping her executioner – Le Journal de Montréal

I can’t remember a time in my life when Tina Turner was absent. In each of her incarnations, personally and musically, she has always been there.

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Even his death this week at the age of 83 will not change that. Because Tina Turner, no one doubts that, is eternal.

A holistic, avant-garde, courageous and determined woman. A unique artist and a voice among the greatest. An irrepressible energy. And that smile that still sparkled deep in his eyes.

Until she left her first husband, Tina Turner was repeatedly beaten, humiliated and exploited by him. Behind the big scenes, she had to camouflage her injured arms, misaligned jaw, or a shattered eye.

As with all female victims of violence, famous or not, it takes strength and character to regain stolen control of your life. But Tina Turner didn’t stop there.

After being freed by her executioner, she held her head high and told the whole world her story. We women have heard it. But it didn’t stop there either.

In the 1980s, in her mid-40s, with a new producer and a hell of a team, she experienced the biggest renaissance in modern music history. Personal and professional.

A symbol

Tina Turner was back… for a long time. Stronger, more beautiful and freer than ever. It was heartbreaking to watch his triumph over adversity. As the ultimate survivor, she becomes an icon in the noblest sense of the word.

I really saw this symbol. From what I can remember, it was July 4th, 1993. At the Montreal Forum, the Queen of Rock appeared to us in all her glory. I know because I was there.

The atmosphere was electric. From his first notes it was over. We were all conquered. To life, to death. Tina Turner forever. I saw her communicate with us, her amazed audience, with the enthusiasm of a resurrected heroine.

Her powerful voice, her magical smile, her endless legs and her fiery way of dancing as if the fate of humanity depended on it, I will never forget her.

In complete redemption, Tina Turner also encounters love. Finally. The truth. It will be the young Erwin Bach. She will spend her next 38 years with him until her last breath.

A great love

In the 2021 HBO-produced documentary Tina, she tells that she had never really known love before Erwin. No man had ever told her she was beautiful or treated her with dignity.

In Tina she speaks freely about her Erwin. How they fell in love in the whirlwind of a world tour. How she discovered in him a man of undeniable beauty, but above all a good, sincere and very gentle nature.

She describes him with emotion as a deeply loving and protective man. His admiration and respect for the person he is about to marry will never wane.

In 1993, the great biographical film What’s Love Got To With It chronicled the first life of Tina Turner up until her resounding return to solo. Film she didn’t want to see because it reminded her of the suffering of her first marriage.

However, I have yet to make this film of my dreams. The one about the inspiring story of his rebirth and his great love for Erwin Bach. A love as enduring as Tina Turner will remain in our hearts.

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