Tina gets emotional when she talks about MC Guimê on ‘BBB 23’, but it turns into a meme: ‘I quit smoking in less than 24 hours’

Angolan Tina, who starred in ‘Big Brother Brasil 23’, broke down in tears last night as she opened up about MC Guimê, with whom she forms a duo on the reality show and with whom she is linked by a bracelet. The 29yearold journalist and model complained that her partner was a smoker. “In less than 24 hours I became a smoker,” she lamented, drawing laughter from her colleagues.

“When I arrived (in custody) I saw that I had a bracelet and I said, ‘It’s immunity, the public has voted and I’m already joining the game with everything.’ I worried about my eyelashes. I didn’t want to do Lumena (Aleluia, exBBB) with something casual (on ‘BBB 21’ Lumena became a meme because she always showed up with her lashes peeling off). I worried about my image brothers themselves so they could talk about their partners. “I went in (here in the house) and then I saw that there was someone on the side who said: ‘Hello!’. I realized that it was Guimê because I had already seen him. First celebrity that I have going to follow,” he added.

Tina continues: “In a short time we had to learn to deal with each other, with their peculiarities, their characteristics … He has God at the center and I have God at the center. Fulfilling my dream is fulfilling my family, and the same with him… And in less than 24 hours, I became a smoker,” she said, crying.

Whereupon MC Guimê interrupted her: “Wow, everything was beautiful! I almost cried and you let me go!? I don’t even like smoking,” joked the 30yearold singer.

First group on ‘BBB 23’

In 48 hours alliances were swapped back and forth and the first major group signed, albeit informally, in “Big Brother Brasil 23”. A group of ten people are already in complete harmony in the combination of voices for the formation of the first wall next Sunday (22). Its members include the duos Key Alves and Gustavo, Gabriel and Paula, Aline Wirley and Bruno, Amanda and Antônio Cara de Sapato Júnior, and MC Guimê and Tina.

They all target Cristian the gaucho who boasts of having an “enviable forelock”, as he used to say and consequently the singer Marvvila, duo of the selfproclaimed “heterotopic”. Remember: The first wall of “BBB 23” is contested by two people. Yes, each couple will vote for a different couple, and the couples with the most votes will be given the spotlight.

“Whoever is the leader must choose another couple and let Cristian be chosen by the house,” said Bauer Gustavo to some of his peers. The other participants agreed that the gym manager is the only one who has not yet integrated with the rest of the house. There are those who have complained about the authoritarian nature of the 32yearold, who even clashed with his partner Marvvila when she said she spent a lot of time doing makeup.

“His personality is of the ‘Maria goes with the others’ type. There is an advantage in this room, he closes with us. Ah, does he feel threatened? So he goes back to his room,” Tina said of Cristian. “Everyone, practically the whole house, is going towards them because of Cristian. The leader has to choose another couple to indicate, otherwise the house has no option,” emphasized volleyball player Key Alves.