Tiktoker claims he owns the choreography of Shakiras new song

Tiktoker claims he owns the choreography of Shakira’s new song and is asking for the credits

Don’t stop the reactions the new song Shakira has released with Argentine producer Bizarrap known as “BZRP Music Sessions #53”. Along with its success, there has also been some controversy from artists who have claimed copies and even plagiarism.

first was a Venezuelan artist named Briellawho claimed through a video on his Instagram account that the song was inspired by a song of his own called “Only You” and showed the evidence showing these similarities.

“Shakira was inspired by my song ‘Solo tú’ for her bizarre rap sessions. I want you to listen to it yourself (…) It should be noted that I released my song six months ago and it went viral on TikTok,” said the Venezuelan.

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“Honestly, if my song was used as an inspiration, if they were inspired in any way, I’d like to at least get the credit because that’s too much value for me as a songwriter,” said Briella, who hired an attorney to provide her legal advice in this controversy.

While the song’s authorship issue has been resolved, Shakira continues to reap success and has now placed a choreography on her TikTok account to add more virality to her success; Nevertheless, They also claimed he didn’t give the credits to whoever invented the steps.

This is the tiktoker identified on this social network as @Voonie, who pointed out that she had created the steps and that she was sad because the singer was giving credit to someone else and not her.

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“Shakira makes my trend but gives credit to other people. I’m dying of illusion and at the same time I’m sorry. (…) Obviously you’ve seen a version and you’ll have thought it was someone else’s”said the woman, who feels concerned.

The person Shakira gave the credits for the dance was the “girl band” Bella Dose, who were the ones who danced to Shakira’s new song.

The Tiktoker assures that although Bella Dose added the twist to the original dance, the steps were her creation.

This is the choreography Shakira uploaded to bring virality to her new song:


I love your creations! Found this one from @belladose and had to try it!

♬ Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarre Rap & Shakira

This is @Voonie’s dance, the tiktoker requesting the Colombian singer’s credits:


Always a fan of Shakira 👰‍♀️ ig:voonniie ✨

♬ Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarre Rap & Shakira

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