Ticiane Pinheiro gets emotional while saying goodbye to Rafa: "absence"

Ticiane Pinheiro gets emotional while saying goodbye to Rafa: "absence"

Ticiane Pinheiro says goodbye to Rafaella Justus and gets emotional

the lecturer Ticiane Pinheiro surprised to show a moment of pure emotion with the eldest daughter. The celebrity is on vacation enjoying the days off with family. She and her husband, the journalist Cesar Tralliwho are also resting for a few weeks are in the northeast.

The holiday tour started in Ceará and continued to Bahia. Taking to her social media, the artist revealed that she loves to travel to the beach and spend a few days every year in one of her favorite places a luxury hotel in Santa Cruz Cabrália.

In addition to her husband, Tici has two companions on her adventures. Her daughters set off with her. Raffaella Justus is the eldest of the sisters. The firstborn, who is 13, is from her previous relationship with the businessman Robert Justus. They separated in 2013.

Somewhat later, Ticiane Pinheiro took over the relationship with Tralli. The union was officially formed in 2017 in a beautiful ceremony at a hotel in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. Manuella is the couple’s only child for the time being. The youngest was three years old.

Each year Rafa Justus divides the school holidays into two parts. One stays with the mother’s family and the other with the father’s. Justus is married to influencer Ana Paula Siebert. With her, the businessman became the father of little Vicky. The baby is two years old.

After touring the Northeast, the teen set out to find her father, stepmother and sister in the United States. The trio are in the famous man’s luxury apartment facing the ocean in Miami, Florida. Rafinha will spend 15 days there. Of course, even after boarding this week, mom is already full of nostalgia!

In his official profile Ticiane Pinheiro showed the daughter walking with her uncles and cousin (who are Tralli’s sister, brotherinlaw and nephew). When it was time to say goodbye, no one could hold back their emotions! “My crying face. Saying goodbye to my princess who is going to Miami today to meet her father,” the presenter wrote.

Presenter Ticiane Pinheiro says goodbye to her daughter Rafinha

Reproduction Instagram Presenter Ticiane Pinheiro says goodbye to her daughter Rafa Justus

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