Tiberio Timperi and the grueling struggle: he tried to the last

Tiberio Timperi and the grueling struggle: he tried to the last

Tiberio Timperi is a very successful figure, a popular conductor with small screen audiences and an accomplished man, also in personal and private terms. However, things were not always smooth for him. Let’s find out what he’s been through in the past.

The presenter of the famous Rai TV show Unomattina fought with all his might.

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Tiberio Timperi had to fight for the welfare of his child for a long time. Here’s what happened.

Tiberio Timperi, his hard fight

The very famous presenter of the program Uno Mattina, one of the most popular formats of the morning slots of the Italian television program, is a very successful man. His realization as a well-known character on the small screen has been under everyone’s eyes for many years and is a famous and well-loved face in the entertainment world.

His private life, on the other hand, is less known, as Tiberio Timperi loves to maintain privacy and always maintain it maximum restraint towards his privacy and especially towards his family.

However, we do know that the presenter married Adele Gazzaniga in 2005 after a three-year engagement. From her love was born a beautiful baby named Daniele.

Unfortunately, at some point the relationship between the two fell apart and they decided to separate. The court ruled that Daniel was entrusted to his mother at this point. Since there is no joint custody for both parents, Tiberio Timperi had the opportunity to only see him on fixed days and times, but not to let him grow up with him every day.

The well-known conductor did not accept the judges’ decision, and he did everything in his power to change the court’s decision. The topic was often discussed, which is why the presenter’s ex-wife sued him for defamation.

The arduous fight for his rights

The conductor defended himself by attempting to assert his rights and to demonstrate that his words had always referred only to possibility continue to be the father of little Daniele.

Tiberio Timperi has never considered it appropriate to have to forego the exercise of full paternity rights simply because the marital relationship was in jeopardy.

The subject, so delicate and delicate, is increasingly perceived by Tiberio Timperilo he persuaded them to stand up for the rights of fathers and to fight against a real equation of them with those of mothers.

A really very difficult struggle, a path so difficult that he decided to put pen to paper and write two volumes devoted to the subject.

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