Tiago Ramos is spending New Years Eve at Neymars mothers

Tiago Ramos is spending New Year’s Eve at Neymar’s mother’s house Metropoles

Everything points to a rapprochement between Tiago Ramos and Nadine Gonçalves. The former A Fazenda contestant was spending time at Neymar’s mother’s house in Santos on the Sao Paulo coast, according to Jornal Extra. The two experienced a difficult relationship in 2020.

Tiago shared a photo of New Year’s Eve, and the carpet that can be seen in the picture is the same one that can be seen in her house in another publication of Nadine.

Color photos by Tiago Ramos and Nadine GonçalvesFormer farm Tiago Ramos and Nadine Gonçalves, mother of Neymar

Tiago Ramos and Nadine Gonçalves Reproduction/adaptation

Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Nadine and Tiago (reproduction) Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Advertising by Metropoles 1 PartnerNadine and Tiago (reproduction)Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Nadine and Tiago (reproduction) Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Nadine and Tiago (reproduction)

Advertising by Metropoles 2 partnersNadine Gonçalves, mother of NeymarNadine Gonçalves Rafa Talamansk

Neymar’s mother spotted with Rafa at SapucaíReproduction/Instagram

Nadine and NeymarNadine and Neymar

Nadine and Neymar reproduction


Since their split, Tiago has been trying to resume dating, which has been marked by backandforths in addition to confusion. In one of them, the influencer ended up in the hospital after hitting a glass wall. In another, he appeared upset on the networks and claimed to have been stabbed in the street when he left shattered after a fight while on a trip with Nadine.

As soon as he was disqualified from A Fazenda for aggression last year, Tiago tried to find shelter at Neymar’s mother’s house but she banned him from entering her condominium in Santos, column LeoDias alleged.

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