Tiago Piquilo opens up game over alleged penis shrinkage

Tiago Piquilo opens up game over alleged penis shrinkage | Column Fabia Oliveira

one The buzz surrounding Tiago Piquilo became a highlight this week. The reason is that the exfazenda, who underwent penis enlargement surgery, allegedly recently suffered shrinkage of the genital organ and therefore would have to undergo a new procedure. The speculation began after an interview with Bruno Salomão, husband of Deborah Albuquerque, who explained how the method was performed. Well then.

After the impact of history Tiago Piquilo decided to open the game about the alleged shrinking of his penis. In an interview with Hugo Gloss, the singer spoke about the situation. “It’s not working,” he said when asked if the case was true and if he would have to undergo reoperation.

Then the musician explained that he never disclosed details about his intimate operation with anyone. “The Doctor. Bruno is a guy I met on time through a podcast he did with his wife, they were very friendly and polite to me. Also, I didn’t have a problem with anyone’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with my surgery ‘ he clarified.

Tiago Piquilo still vented: “Everything I had to say, I said and I have no problem with it! But it really scares us to see and realize how much people enforce some issues that aren’t real. That’s why I prefer not to talk, you know. It’s okay and calm,” he added.

Explanation by Bruno Salomao

In an interview for the It’s Nothing Personal podcast, Bruno Salomão gave details about the operation. “The first time I saw it was at Dr. Rey, he called me to show him his technique. He has the specialty of using fat to enlarge any part of the body, taking it off one side and putting it on the other. And how are you? They do regular liposuction and they filter that fat, it’s just compact fat, which they call the adipose stem cell, but it’s really compact fat. Filter to get more bulk and the thinner fat will disappear. Then you inject the more massive fat around the penis, between the muscle and the skin,” he explained.

Deborah Albuquerque’s husband continued, “It’s like how people do it today with hyaluronic acid fillers. With fat it becomes more natural. You’ll fill the entire circumference to increase diameter, but if you fill in too much you’ll pinch and stretch the skin. So the immediate post of this operation is very cool, you can see the before and after. I saw in the immediate post what is not the end result, a soft penis of 7 cm, jump to 15 soft. But it’s not real! That’s because it stretches a lot, the penis is soft, and you fill all that skin in there and throw it up, you don’t increase the muscle, you pull on the skin,” he said.

However, Bruno pointed out that the fat is absorbed over time. “She’s not settling there. It enters the bloodstream and disappears. But in some surgeries where the penis is much smaller, there are two tendons at the base of the penis called a penis elevator. It’s one thing for your penis to get hard and another for it to rise,” he explained.

A short time later he mentioned Tiago Piquilo. “The filling, in 3 or 4 months, absorbs it. Every organism has its time, just like every cosmetic surgery… But it’s always like that, the end result is always different than what you see there. So it was like that with Tiago”.

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