Three Rivers |  Mayor pauses because of “unhealthy working atmosphere”

Three Rivers | Mayor pauses because of “unhealthy working atmosphere”

(Trois-Rivières) The mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche, announced on Monday that he was suspending his municipal activities for “a few weeks” because of an “unhealthy working atmosphere” in the city council.

Posted yesterday at 11:30pm


In a brief press release, the mayor’s team specified that this downtime was necessary for Mr Lamarche to reposition himself “in the face of the unhealthy work climate that reigns at the municipal council table”.

“Regrettably, he is having to take a temporary break from his duties, but this break is essential in order for him to replenish his energy and reassess his ability to work in accordance with his deepest values,” the press release reads.

Mayor Lamarche has also asked that Item 6 of Tuesday’s public meeting to announce the 40/55 Industrial Park proposal be withdrawn.

This project has divided the local council for several months over the destruction of wetlands, reports Le Nouvelliste, which also reports that a local council received threats via email from another elected official regarding its position on the project expansion of the 40/55 industrial park .

Jean Lamarche has been mayor of Trois-Rivières since 2019. He was re-elected in the 2021 municipal elections with 61% of the vote.