This would be Gerard Piqué’s NEW plan to TAKE custody of her children from Shakira

This would be Gerard Piqué’s NEW plan to TAKE custody of her children from Shakira

The controversial separation between Shakira Y Gerard pique continues to be a source of conversation, particularly in terms of deciding who keeps his sons. So far it has been known that the Colombian was the one who had the most chances in favor of staying with Sasha and Milan, however, the footballer would have prepared one already new plan to the grab the custody from children to singers.

This is because recently Gerard Pique finally decided to talk about the tumultuous split from his ex-partner, Shakira. Emphasizing that the agreements made will always be to their advantage sons. The Barcelona centre-back said in an interview with Nexus that in this whole situation it is the children who are the most affected due to the media pressure: “They have a number one father and a number one mother.”

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This problem, which more than anything has to do with the media and their involvement in the breakup, hence the new plan for what Gerard Pique bet for grab the custody of sons a Shakira. According to the media, the Culé defender would take advantage of the Barranquillera’s complicated situation with the Spanish prosecutor’s office, which, in addition to paying a fine of up to eight years in prison for the interpreter of “Te Felicito”, has demanded over 23 million euros after they failed to reach an agreement and prefer to take their case to court.

Therefore, the footballer’s law firm would draw up one new plan at last to win the custody of the little ones and that they can stay to live in Spain and grab every opportunity for the Colombian to move to Miami with them. This information was not confirmed, but after it turned out that pique He rejected the economic deal the singer had proposed to him as he intends to stay at Barca this season and rumors about this strategy are growing.

It should be mentioned that Shakira He has not yet set a date for the start of his trial, but his lawyers are convinced that they can prove his innocence and thus avoid jail. However, while your situation with the Treasury is resolved, it could hurt you in deciding who gets to keep them sons and would be used by the Spanish grab it is custody.

This would be Gerard Piques NEW plan to TAKE custody

This is how their Sasha and Milan live the separation from their parents Shakira and Gerard Piqué

After the breakup they had Shakira Y Gerard Pique held some meetings to talk about who’s going to get it custody his sonsHowever, both have made it clear that they will reach an agreement in which they always have the best interests of the children in mind. Above all, so that they can lead a happy life despite this complicated situation.

For the time being and according to the words of Gerard Pique The kids are going through a pretty difficult time, “our kids live with too much pressure,” the footballer said in a recent interview. So in the last few days Shakira He decided to take a vacation to Los Cabos with the kids and take his mind off all the media pressure.

r On the other hand, that was announced recently Shakira could go to the prison to serve an eight-year sentence because Barcelona prosecutors have accused the singer of fraud amounting to more than $14 million in taxes that she evaded between 2012 and 2014; Despite this, the Barranquilla woman has pleaded not guilty and is ready to face the charges.