This was Ricky Martin’s MOBILING speech that made Marc Anthony cry

This was Ricky Martin’s MOBILING speech that made Marc Anthony cry

In 2016 the Latin Grammys were held, awards where one of the Puerto Rican artists appeared unexpectedly as he wasn’t on the moderator list. This year he was awarded Mark Antony as “Person of the Year”; that’s how he was moving speech who offered Rick Martin during the awards and what Made someone cry a Mark Antony.

In the world of music, Puerto Ricans have shown great talent in this industry, as evidence of which we find Rick Martin Y Mark Antony, two artists who have proven to be friends on and off the stage. In 2016 the Latin Grammys took place, during this awards ceremony the time was used to honor Marc Anthony’s musical career.

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For that reason back then Rick Martin went on stage to present the Person of the Year award was that the artist surprised the audience by not being included in the list of artists who would be presenting. However, this was not the most conspicuous of these awards, but the moving speech that the Puerto Rican offered his friend Mark Antony.

At the moment when Rick Martin took the stage to present the award, offered a moving speech a Mark Antony, in which he recognized all the passion and dedication the artist has shown throughout his years of musical career. Such was the Puerto Rican Made someone cry to Marc Anthony, who couldn’t hold back his tears of emotion, but mostly for hearing all the love Ricky has for his compatriot and musical friend; After the speech, Anthony received a standing ovation from the rest of the guests at the awards ceremony.

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Martín also used the moment to recall an anecdote from back then Mark Antony He was the producer of some songs by Menudo, a group Ricky belonged to. “The entire industry comes together to celebrate you, Puerto Ricans at the top, love you very much,” were the words he did it with Ricky Martin made her cry Mark Anthony; This was one of the most memorable moments of the 2016 Latin Grammy.

Mark Antony He has become one of the most recognized artists in music, he has sold more than 12 million records, which is why he subsequently became the artist to receive the Person of the Year award during the Latin Grammy 2016 moving speech what did he give ricky Martin.