1695107662 This very controversial soccer star will finally be featured in

This very controversial soccer star will finally be featured in EA Sports FC 24 after being out of license for two years – Millenium

The release of EA Sports FC 24 is fast approaching and fans can’t wait to experience this first installment of the brand new franchise. From September 29th (September 22nd in Early Access) players can jump in and take part in crazy matches. more realistic than ever! But while the identities of most of the players and their results have been revealed, this player’s presence is still being debated. The professional player is not entirely welcome in the sights of serious allegations!

The allegations against Mason Greenwood

Greenwood was accused domestic violence, attempted rape, control and coercion and bodily harm. These charges were subsequently dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. Despite everything, the former Manchester United player became more than unwanted in England, where he was rejected by most clubs.

He then moved to Spain (Getafe FC), but his appearances in several games drew boos from the spectators in the stands. Despite being recommended by his new club, the player struggled to endear himself to the public. However, the EA Sports teams seem to have wanted to Incorporate it into your next work!

Mason Greenwood – EA Sports FC 24

Mason Greenwood

The player will be present in EA Sports FC 24

It was a representative from EA Sports who announced the news to the British magazine Mirror. Mason Greenwood will actually be present in EA Sports FC 24, but will not be part of Ultimate Team at launch. A decision that surprised many future players, knowing that Greenwood had been left out of previous FIFA games. The professional football star will therefore celebrate his return in this next work.

“EA SPORTS FC 24 authentically reflects active team and club rosters in the real world of football.

Now part of Getafe CF’s active squad, Mason Greenwood will join FC 24. Because Greenwood was not part of an active team at the time of our deadline for final team and player information, he will not appear on the Ultimate Team when the game launches.’

EA Sports Gaming Representative for Mirror.co.uk


  • As a reminder, EA Sports FC 24 will be released worldwide on September 29, 2023. Early Access is scheduled for September 22, 2023 (Ultimate Edition, EA Play Trial and EA Play Pro Early Access).
1695107657 518 This very controversial soccer star will finally be featured in

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This very controversial soccer star will finally be featured in

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