This vacation ruined by an unrenewed pass

This vacation ruined by an unrenewed pass

By Rudy Degardin

Posted yesterday at 7:41pm, updated yesterday at 7:41pm

For the Ombudsman, these difficulties in renewing identity documents are not new. 40087500/Unclesam –

DECRYPTION – After two years of Covid-19, requests for identity papers have exploded and with them the deadlines. Even if it means giving up some trips this summer.

Anthony, a professor of physics and chemistry at a Paris college, was due to introduce his 8-month-old baby to his family in Martinique this summer. To get her a passport, he applied to date in February, found a date in May, and planned to leave in July. But the passport never arrived, and after deciding to postpone his trip for a few hundred euros for the first time, the forty-something reconciled himself to giving up his family vacation. Like Anthony, many French people will give up going abroad this summer because they don’t have a passport that arrived in time.

And with good reason, 115,000 new passport applications are registered every week, an increase of 30% compared to 2019. Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin, Director of the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS), recognizes that after the lockdown and with the approach of the holidays the prefectures and city halls are facing an increase in inquiries. But…

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