This theory comes up frequently about Simeons birth father in

This theory comes up frequently about Simeon’s birth father in STAT – 7 Days

The hypotheses have been floating around since the start of the season STAT as to the identity of Siméon’s (Benjamin Gratton) birth father, but after the last episode aired there is one that seems to be very present with viewers.

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In fact, during the airing of the episode this Thursday, January 12, several viewers took to social networks to share their hypothesis as to who the young man’s biological father would be. And it is clear that they several have the same idea.

It is the name of none other than Pascal (Norman love) Happens frequently.

When several mention that they’ve been thinking about it for several episodes already, their assumptions have been cemented over the past week due to his strong reaction to the Simeon kidnapping attempt.

Even Emmanuelle (Susanne Clemens) and Daniel (Bruno Marcel) seem to find it odd how upset the oncologist is by this story. It will be remembered that he attacked individuals and that lawyers are now involved.

It was enough to ignite the spirits and understand there that Pascal is in fact the father of Simeon, which would explain his reaction.

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Here are some comments found below the post:

“She was mad at him from the start, she almost hates him. As soon as they talk to each other and an incident occurs with Siméon and there are several exchanges of looks, he takes it to heart… Hmmmm, it sounds a lot that he would be Siméon’s father!!”

“Can you be Simeon’s father?”

“Simeon’s father is sure!”

“I, who thought I was hot, that maybe he was Simeon’s father, well, no, everyone thinks so”

Others believe that he simply cares about the needs of the children:

“Like District 31, if there is simple evidence, you can be fooled into believing he is the father. He could be children’s vigilante after suffering abuse at a young age.

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At the same time, let’s remember that the end of Thursday’s episode left viewers worried while a patient of Philippe (Patrick Labbe) went to the hospital with numerous explosives. We also hear a detonation in the trailer for Monday’s episode, suggesting the worst for the psychiatrist.

However, we’ll have to wait to find out for sure!

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