This Sunday, July 31 in Miami: a new caravan against the US blockade against Cuba has been convened    Cubainformacion TV

This Sunday, July 31 in Miami: a new caravan against the US blockade against Cuba has been convened Cubainformacion TV

Washington, July 28 (Prensa Latina) The Bridges of Love solidarity movement today called for a new world caravan against the July 31st blockade by the United States of Cuba, centered on the city of Miami.

In the appeal circulated on social networks, the group led by Professor Carlos Lazo invited all people of good will to join this initiative in favor of the Cuban family.

“Let’s go together,” said the audiovisual image published on the Internet by Puentes de Amor, repeating the demand: “Down with the blockade against Cuba!”

Caravan participants will gather in the Coral Gables area on Sunday morning, an action that will be repeated in various cities across the United States and in countries such as Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Japan and Spain , among other things.

On the last weekend of every month, the call is repeated for the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to lift all sanctions against Cuba and lift the unilateral siege on the island imposed by White House governments more than six decades ago are Democrats or Republicans.

Puentes de Amor is part of the growing wave inside and outside North American territory demanding an end to the blockade and urging both parties to move forward on the path to understanding.

Biden vowed to reverse his predecessor Donald Trump’s failed Cuba policy, but 18 months after his arrival at the executive mansion, there is little sign of it.

On May 16, the democratic government announced some measures on visas, regular migration, flights to the Cuban provinces, remittances and adjustments to the rules on transactions with the non-governmental sector, which were well received; However, they did not touch the very essence of the blockade.

In this regard, the Cuban authorities have expressed that this is a limited step in the right direction, but that the announcements do not change the blockade nor the main economic smothering measures taken by Trump.

In this sense, Havana denounced that the lists of organizations subject to additional coercive measures are maintained and that the travel bans on Americans are not lifted.

Nor will it reverse the arbitrary and fraudulent listing of Cuba on the State Department’s list of suspected sponsors of terrorism.

This is one of the main reasons for the difficulties the Caribbean nation is encountering in its trade and financial transactions in many parts of the world, the Cuban Foreign Ministry warned.