This robot behaves like a pet and protects the house!   School education

This robot behaves like a pet and protects the house! School education

Have you ever imagined one robot like pet? Well, this option appeared recently, it practically does not need care and can last a lifetime. The robot, dubbed PetBot Loona, was unveiled by robotics company KEYi Technology at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The project is still in the crowdfunding phase, ie it is raising funds for the start of production, which is expected to start in April this year. According to the creators, “Loona is intelligent, intuitive, loving and playful robot Company made for people and animals”.

Check out the video of the little robot below:

“When people come home, she’ll be quick to welcome them. When they leave, she follows them. When she receives affection, she expresses happiness.”

But she can do much more. She sneezes, “scratches,” stretches when she wakes up, dances, poses for photos, beatboxes, walks around the house with ease, and even examines unfamiliar or suspicious objects, in addition to a few other traits that the pet has robot can learn.

In order to be able to react as quickly as possible to the outside world, Loona uses hearing, seeing and haptic perception. For example, Loona’s eyesight can recognize up to 20 faces at once, allowing her to identify her owner among multiple people. In addition, it also recognizes body postures and can be controlled with hand gestures.

The robot’s hearing allows it to know where people are when they call it and to pinpoint the source of the noise. Not only that, Loona can wake up when hearing a keyword, has semantic understanding and responds to voice commands.

In terms of haptic perception, Loona’s sensors allow her to feel touch by responding in a way that matches the intensity of signals received from the tactile sensors on top of her head.

In order for her to express her emotions, she has a repertoire of more than 700 emotions displayed on her LCD face, as well as movements on her ears and legs.

This makes the Loona a great electronic pet, but in addition to fun and companionship, it can also contribute to home security. That’s because it comes with a speaker and camera. So when you are not at home, you can even monitor remotely.