This popular ‘Wednesday’ actor faces sexual assault allegations and fans are in shock – Billie

This popular ‘Wednesday’ actor faces sexual assault allegations and fans are in shock – Billie

It’s a series of tweets on Twitter that have highlighted the toxic behavior of one of the actors who plays a key role in the series the Wednesday.

*Warning. The article contains sensitive comments*

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The Wednesday series was a smash hit when it released on Netflix on November 23, 2022. Tim Burton’s production brought unprecedented popularity to the Addams Family and helped the actors to become well known. A second season has even been announced, but a main cast member from season 1 has been barred from returning due to allegations of serious conduct.

Percy Hynes White, the dark Xavier Thorpe’s interpreter, has been accused of sexually abusing underage girls and is also said to have made racist comments.

drunken evenings

On Thursday January 19th, a surfer exposed Percy Hynes White. According to him, when he was a student, Percy organized parties with friends, where they invited girls to get drunk and have sex with them. The young woman who exposed Percy would also be one of his victims.

In response to the tweet, several young women also shared their stories of those disturbing evenings. Percy and his friends tricked the invitees into believing they were just as drunk to manipulate and take advantage of them. In the testimony of some of the alleged victims, the boys, including Percy, were more concerned about the police than the girls’ condition and that they pressured them not to speak up.

bullying behavior

Other disturbing facts also emerged from this Twitter thread, highlighting Percy’s alleged actions. A user posted screenshots of Instagram Stories showing Percy Hynes White relentlessly bullying a friend.

Some young women report that he teased them when they refused his advances. Percy would have sent clear photos and videos where we hear him yell, swear, insult, use racial slurs and intimidate. The Twitter feed grew so large that a hashtag was circulated: #cancelpercy.

With season two in the works Wednesday, it’s unclear how production plans to respond. At this time, the production team has not issued a statement and comments are now disabled on Percy’s Instagram page.

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