quotThis man would catch people jokes Ivete with the mayor

"This man would catch people, jokes Ivete with the mayor of Salvador

Already on Friday (February 17th) Bruno Reis was praised by the singer Anitta during the municipal carnival.

After being praised by Anitta, Salvador Mayor Bruno Reis (União Brasil) was again the target of comment at the city’s carnival. On Saturday evening (February 18, 2023) the singer Ivete Sangalo played with the head of the municipal administration while singing on the Circuito Dodô, the seafront promenade that connects the beaches of Barra and Ondina.

“I know Bruno’s story, but I won’t tell it because he’s the mayor. That man recorded it, folks… He recorded it to say this was the way to go,” joked Ivete at the front of the electric trio.

The mayor shared the moment in the stories of his Instagram profile with the caption: “Ivetinha, omit these reviews!”.

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Ivete also joked with Anitta’s comment: “Is Bruno Reis over there? Boy… I’ve seen it all on TV. Goat, you jumped a campfire, man. Open your eyes boy,” he said.

On Friday (February 17), singer Anitta called Bruno Reis “delicious” while singing over the electric trio. The mayor shared the video on Instagram and tagged his wife Rebecca Cardoso: “Run here,” he wrote.

“Look at the mayor of the city, guys, how chic. Look at that cat that’s over there behind him. What a joy, the mayor and his friend,” said Anitta at the time. She also performed at the Circuito Dodô.

According to an estimate by the CNC (National Confederation of Commerce), the carnival in 2023 should move around 8.2 billion BRL in tourism. The value represents an increase compared to the last 2 years, when the celebration of the holiday was affected by the Covid19 pandemic.